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Robert Nava

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Text by Jason Rosenfeld, foreword by Mark Beasley, conversation with Huma Bhabha.
Design by (opens in a new window) Praline
144 pages
9.5 x 11 in
80 color images


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Robert Nava


Robert Nava: Thunderbolt Disco
May 13 – Jun 25, 2022

Focusing on his exhibition at Pace in London, Thunderbolt Disco, Robert Nava’s first monograph captures his colorful, energetic works with bold typography and vivid reproductions.

Heavily illustrated with artwork images and details of Nava’s new large-scale battle scene paintings and other selected works, installation views of the exhibition in London, studio photographs, and inset pages from his sketchbooks, this book captures the myriad elements included in the artist’s environment and process.

An essay by writer, art historian, and professor Jason Rosenfeld outlines the trajectory of Nava’s career from his childhood in East Chicago, Indiana, through to his present-day exploration of mythical beasts, angels, and monsters in fluorescent color, while a conversation with renowned artist Huma Bhabha explores his influences from art history and beyond. Pace’s Curatorial Director Mark Beasley contributes a foreword.

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Welcome to the world of Robert Nava: wild beasts and maximal chaos. The stuff of his own childhood transformed into maelstromic art.

Jason Rosenfeld

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I remember a studio visit I had, and someone asked, ‘Why all these monsters?’ I paused and then looked back over my shoulder and said, ‘Because we all have them.’

Robert Nava in Conversation with Huma Bhabha

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