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Richard Tuttle

Travel Notes: A Fiction (Peru Texts)

On our way to Cusco, Lima,
Miami and New York. It is
Nice to start a day in a canoe
In the Amazon basin and end
It in New York just in time
To make it to an elegant
And important lunch with
Your dealer. Sense time!

A sign from the invisible—
My hard work—the job re-
Quires work, not expected
In the world’s work, but
Required. That it can be
Done, thanks to the gods’
Grace, leadership, know-
Ledge, love, confidence—
Something, easily accom-
Odated, necessary of
The Andean world.

I have recognized,
My question is, where
Am I?, because I think
You have to know
Where you are before
You ask, who you are.

The experience in the
Jungle was so much
An answer, for I never
Impacted where I am
More. It cried out its
here!, yet such a rich-
ness occurred, fathom-
able and unfathomable
at the same time. Real
light was there but not
comprehensible. There
was a voice from nature
registering the shock
of nature, superimposed
by an energy taken in by
The feeling of nothing.
I never knew, I could
Feel nothing—of nothing,
By nothing—so ready to
Become attached to
Something and disappear.
Most experience may
Be of this nature… What
We call experience, not
Experience at all, for it
Comes from the visible,

Not the invisible. This
Is what the Tambopata

Tuttle, Richard. “Travel Notes: A Fiction (Peru texts).” In Richard Tuttle: A Fair Sampling. Collected Writings 1966-2019. Ed. by Dieter Schwarz. Cologne: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2019: 460-461.
Richard Tuttle: A Fair Sampling: Collected Writings, 1965–2019
Edited by Dieter Schwarz

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