Pace Welcomes Lynda Benglis

Pace Gallery is pleased to announce its representation of Lynda Benglis.

Since the 1960s, Benglis has been celebrated for the free, ecstatic forms she has poured, thrown, and molded in foam, latex, beeswax, handmade paper, polyurethane, glass, bronze and neon, as well as for her monumental fountains, installations and videos. Encompassing a diverse and evolving array of materials, Benglis’s sculptural practice engenders hybrid compositions, embracing the subjective touch of the artist’s hand and the inextricable link between process, material, and form. Simultaneously playful and visceral, organic and abstract, her work is grounded in a continuous investigation of the proprioceptive, sensory experiences of her sculptures in architecture and space, in a manner resonant with a number of artists long-represented by Pace, such as Robert Irwin and James Turrell.

“Amid the male-dominated world of sculpture in the 1960s, which saw artists capturing and defining space as their medium, Lynda Benglis used action, and set off a radically new way of making sculpture,” said Marc Glimcher, Pace Gallery President and CEO. “Benglis has a singular ability to harness the liquid power of her materials, creating organismic sculptures, and fusing the forces of nature and of her own hand to create something entirely new. Her work possesses a molten energy and inherently provokes a corporeal response in each of us. Inspiring generations of artists over the last five decades, Benglis is relentlessly innovative and we are honored to welcome her to Pace.”

Pace is pleased to confirm that Benglis will continue to work closely with Cheim & Read. Likewise, Blum & Poe in Los Angeles and Thomas Dane Gallery in London will continue to work with the artist in close coordination with Pace.  

Pace will feature the public debut of a large polyurethane wall-mounted sculpture by Benglis at the FOG Design + Art fair opening in San Francisco this week, in complement with its presentation of a series of black basalt ceramicware created by James Turrell. Later this winter, Pace will exhibit selections of Benglis’s work in bronze, ceramic, aluminum and polyurethane at Zona Maco, opening in Mexico City on February 6, and at Frieze Los Angeles, opening on February 14. The presentation at Zona Maco will mark the second exhibition of the artist’s work in Mexico, following the 2016–17 exhibition Bodies, Matter and Soul: The Sculptures of Lynda Benglispresented as the inaugural show at Museo International del Barroco in Puebla, Mexico, and designed by Toyo Ito. In addition to mounting a global exhibition program for Benglis across its international platform, Pace will develop the artist’s first-ever catalogue raisonné in coordination with the digital publisher Artifex Press.

  • News — Pace Welcomes Lynda Benglis, Jan 11, 2019