Pace Gallery Congratulates the African Environmental Film Foundation

As part of the celebration on September 15, the (opens in a new window) Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) presented its inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award in Conservation to Arne Glimcher, Pace Gallery Founder, environmental filmmaker, and author. This annual award honors individuals for their sustained commitment to protecting our environment and celebrates their efforts to defend and preserve a vibrant and healthy planet.
In addition to founding Pace Gallery, Glimcher is the Chairman of the Board of the (opens in a new window) African Environmental Film Foundation (AEFF), which is located in the Tsavo National Park in Kenya and celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Since its founding, AEFF has been producing and distributing educational films about environmental issues in Africa, for the people of Africa, in their own languages. The films are distributed free of charge, and are seen by millions of people, predominantly in Central Africa, and also in growing numbers internationally. The organization is responsible for permanent positive change in environmental issues from protesting overfishing to significantly reducing poaching.
Learn more about the work of the AEFF and contribute to its vital efforts (opens in a new window) here.

  • News — Pace Gallery Congratulates the African Environmental Film Foundation, Sep 17, 2018