Art Fairs

Pace Gallery at artgenève

Pace Gallery is pleased to announce its participation at artgenève for the second year.

This year, Pace will bring a selection of works by major artists from across the gallery’s programme such as Kenneth Noland, Adam Pendleton, Richard Pousette-Dart, Michal Rovner, Joel Shapiro, Kiki Smith, and Fred Wilson among others. The booth will also feature new works by Nigel Cooke, Lee Kun-Yong, Nathalie Du Pasquier, and Brent Wadden.

Concurrently with the fair, works by the leading and pioneer of the moving image Michal Rovner will be on view at Pace, 15-17 Quai des Bergues, and Espace Muraille.

Kenneth Noland’s painting titled Sequent (1981) will take centre stage at artgenève. The work reveals the emotional effects and expressive potential of colour and form, while outlining the artist’s commitment to the possibilities of abstraction.

Additional notable works presented at the fair will include Kiki Smith’s bronze sculptures Hunter and Still (2012). Smith interests herself in elaborate sculptures that insists on the influence of narration, legends, and surrealism. Self-taught, Smith’s work explores themes of feminity and the human condition.

The booth will feature a selection of paintings and works on paper by Lucas Samaras. Over the years, Samaras has created drawings, furniture, jewellery, paintings, photographs, sculpture and roomsized installation using a variety of material including beads, chicken wire, clay, Cor-ten steel, fabric, mirrors, pastel, pencil, pins, plaster and oil. He has often made himself the subject of his own work, using his own image to push the boundaries of physical and psychological transformation.

  • Art Fairs — Pace Gallery at artgenève, Jan 29, 2019