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Mika Tajima

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Co-published by Inventory Press and Kayne Griffin
Texts by Mika Yoshitake, T’ai Smith, edited by Eugenia Bell
Design by (opens in a new window) ELLA
188 pages
11 x 9 in
120 color images


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Mika Tajima


Mika Tajima: Air Max
Jul 13 – Aug 13, 2022

Co-published by Inventory Press and Kayne Griffin, this book takes a deep dive into Mika Tajima’s sculptures, paintings, videos, and new media installations from 2003–2021.

Full color reproductions and special sections rendered on semi-transparent paper document Tajima’s work from the 2019 Okayama Art Summit, her early performances, and her exhibitions at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, and other venues. The book’s pierced cover highlights her signature cast bronze spa jet nozzles.

An introduction by independent curator Mika Yoshitake outlines the scope of Tajima’s oeuvre, including her collaborators and influences, while an essay by Professor T’ai Smith explores the conceptual underpinnings of her work. In a conversation with Yoshitake, Tajima opens a window to her thinking surrounding her exciting multidisciplinary practice.

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If Tajima’s practice is conceptual (if it operates in the abstract domain of ideas), it is also, as she says, fundamentally sculptural—that is, dimensional. Just as metaphors can leap from one thing to another, from physical things to ideas and back again, her material output traverses the unstable connections among these terms.

T’ai Smith

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That’s what I was tapping into—things we don’t fully know, can’t fully access, like deep sea creatures or aliens... I’m interested in the thing that’s hidden, that’s invisible.

Mika Tajima in Conversation with Mika Yoshitake

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  • Pace Publishing — Mika Tajima, Aug 16, 2022