The artist and architect in her NoHo studio, captured on large-format film by Sasha Douglas-Nares, courtesy Surface.


Maya Lin Featured on Cover of Surface

The artist was recently interviewed for the publication's Legacy issue.

Artist, designer and environmentalist, Maya Lin interprets the natural world through science, history, politics, and culture, creating a remarkable and highly acclaimed body of work in art and architecture. Her works merge the physical and psychological environment, presenting a new way of seeing the world around us.

A woman with a great legacy, Maya recently sat down with Surface Magazine in her New York studio to discuss her past, her process and what she calls her tripod of pursuits—art, architecture, and memorials.

To read the full interview, please visit Surface's (opens in a new window) website.

My work is heavily researched, but then you have to kill off that side of you to find the poetry within the thought.

Maya Lin

  • Press — Maya Lin Featured on Cover of Surface, May 15, 2019