Mary Corse with Untitled, 1967 © Mary Corse


Mary Corse Joins Pace Gallery

Pace Gallery is pleased to announce its representation of artist Mary Corse in Hong Kong, Beijing and Seoul. Pace will first present Corse’s work at its recently-opened gallery in Hong Kong’s H Queen’s building in March 2019, followed by an exhibition at its gallery in Seoul in November 2019. Pace’s representation and work on behalf of the artist will be pursued in collaboration with Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Los Angeles.

Over the last five decades, Mary Corse’s practice has investigated perception, properties of light and ideas of abstraction.  Working in Southern California in the 1960s, Corse was a contemporary of artists long-represented by Pace, such as James Turrell and Robert Irwin, and has been associated with the Light and Space movement.  She shares with these artists a deep fascination with perception and the ability of light to serve as both a subject and material of art; but, while others have largely migrated away from painting into sculptural and environmental projects, Corse has consistently approached the question of light through painting.

Using materials as diverse as glass microspheres embedded in the surface of the canvas, electric light, and earth clay, she creates simple geometric configurations that give structure to the luminescent internal space of her paintings. Corse’s paintings embody rather than merely represent light, and explore subjective experience in innovative ways. Her works open themselves up to their environment, reflecting and refracting light, and invite a perceptual encounter that is grounded in vision and movement.

“Very few artists have been able to express the breadth and depth of light through the medium of painting,” said Marc Glimcher, Pace Gallery President and CEO. “Mary is one of those rare people who has the gift to contain that energetic field within the frame of the canvas. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase her work in Asia in the coming year, and to work collaboratively with galleries around the world to foster a deeper understanding of her profound impact on contemporary art and her continued ability to break new boundaries in painting.”

  • News — Mary Corse Joins Pace Gallery, Jul 25, 2018