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Louise Nevelson


Text by Arne Glimcher

Made in memory of Louise Nevelson, this paper portfolio opens to reveal a selection of materials that encompass the sculptor’s career, including brochures, accordion-fold leaflets, a collection of postcards, and loose images of her artworks.

An interview with Nevelson by Arne Glimcher from 1976 accompanies twelve letters of remembrance by her friends and peers, among them Edward Albee, Lucas Samaras, Diana MacKown, Hilton Kramer, Jean Lipman, and John Cage.

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Louise Nevelson: Remembered
Text by Arne Glimcher
Paper portfolio
10 x 8"

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Louise Nevelson


For me, I feel that work is basically fulfilling my awareness of life. I feel I'm communicating on a level of awareness that really goes beyond the communication with the object or specific groups.

Louise Nevelson


Louise Nevelson's life was such an intricate pattern of fantasy synthesized with reality that separation of myth and fact is nearly impossible. Nevelson rejected the ordinary and conjured her own history, eliminating what was beneath her and amplifying the most important.

Arne Glimcher

  • Pace Publishing — Louise Nevelson: Remembered, Jan 1, 1989