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Kohei Nawa


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Texts by Brett Litman, Kohei Nawa
Design by Takuma Hayashi (Hayashi Takuma Design Office)
168 pages
13.75 x 10.25 in


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Kohei Nawa: Aether
Sep 16 – Oct 22, 2022

Kohei Nawa: Aether presents a survey of the multimedia artist’s new and recent works spanning sculpture, painting, and installation.

Co-published by Sandwich and Pace Publishing on the occasion of Nawa’s first exhibition with Pace in New York, this book provides a close look at key works in the multimedia artist’s oeuvre from the past fifteen years. The book’s oversized format and full bleed images convey both the incredible detail and sweeping scope of his works, the products of his deep interest in perception and sensorial experiences.

A new text by Brett Littman, Director of the Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum, outlines the evolution of Nawa’s series, including PixCell, Trans, Direction, and Catalyst, and highlights his longstanding commitment to artistic experimentation, while texts by the artist elucidate the motivations and inspirations surrounding his work.


Nawa’s projects, originating out of the Sandwich studio, offer a clear road map for other artists who want to explore the ‘path’ of the polymath that can seamlessly integrate art, science, and technology into a uniquely personal vision.

Brett Littman


My interest is not just in reproducing material phenomena but is also in finding systematic rules for the formation of those phenomena. I then try to show them to the viewer for their retinal and haptic experience.

Kohei Nawa

  • Pace Publishing — Kohei Nawa: Aether, Sep 27, 2022