Keith Coventry at his home in Shoreditch, London, HD video still from There Goes the Neighbourhood, 2015, courtesy Frieze


Keith Coventry in Frieze Magazine

In the November 2015 issue of Frieze magazine, critic Jonathan P. Watts takes a cross-generational look at how artists have survived in London from the 1970s until the present, and why they continue to stay. Keith Coventry is featured in this context. To read the article, click (opens in a new window) here.

Keith Coventry

Keith Coventry’s paintings and sculptures filter everyday subject matter—the British Monarchy, fast food, addiction, and public housing, among others—through the lens of modernist idealism, bringing the movements of twentieth-century art and their tendencies in dialogue with contemporary political, cultural, and social issues. He was featured in the seminal exhibition Sensation at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, in 1997 and was a co-founder and curator of City Racing, an influential not-for-profit gallery in Kennington, South London from 1988-98.

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  • Press — Keith Coventry in Frieze Magazine, Oct 28, 2015