Michal Rovner, Transitions, 2019, LED video wall, 16 x 3 metres © 2019 Michal Rovner / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. Photo Courtesy the artist and Pace Gallery

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Join Michal Rovner for the Unveiling of Her New Artwork for The Crossrail Art Programme

Thursday, October 3, 1–3 PM

Crossrail Place, Canary Wharf, London

On Thursday, October 3, join Michal Rovner as she unveils Transitions, a new, site-specific, 16-metre-long screen-based artwork addressing themes of humanity, history and time, at Crossrail Place, Canary Wharf in London.

The large-scale video artwork will reference the striking architecture of Canary Wharf and capture the lively character of the new Canary Wharf Elizabeth line station. The supersized digital installation is part of The Crossrail Art Foundation’s public art programme, known as The Crossrail Art Programme, and was commissioned with the support of Pace Gallery, Canary Wharf Group and the City of London Corporation. It is one of the ten major works of public art being installed at seven of the new Elizabeth line stations.

In this new piece, Rovner records elements from different locations in London and erases visual information, obscuring specifics of time and place through gestural, abstract qualities. Transitions juxtaposes human narrative with historical and architectural landmarks of the British capital. Showing on a vast LED screen positioned within Canary Wharf’s Crossrail Place, the piece also draws influence from the dramatically sculpted escalators, platforms and passageways of the new Elizabeth line station at Canary Wharf, reflecting on the human presence within the space and the dynamic flow of people arriving and departing. The lines, structures and patterns change more rapidly and recall a sense of urgency and warning that permeate our world.

Each individual silhouette featured in the film has been personally filmed by Rovner to depict individualism and humanity. Although each person has been abstracted to the point of anonymity, the indistinct bodies represent everyone – regardless of age, race or gender. The artwork is a vivid reminder of the tide of humanity that ebbs and flows through London, an entity which formulaically moves to the stop and start of the London Underground.

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  • Artist Projects — Join Michal Rovner for the Unveiling of Her New Artwork for The Crossrail Art Programme, Sep 27, 2019