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Announcing our Frieze London, Frieze Masters, and Paris+ par Art Basel Presentations

With a Focus on Artists New to the Program

Published Thursday, Sep 29, 2022

Pace Gallery is pleased to share details of its upcoming presentations in Frieze London and Frieze Masters 2022 and the inaugural edition of Paris+ par Art Basel. Pace’s booths in London and Paris will be anchored by artists that have newly joined the gallery, signaling the direction of its growing contemporary program. Presentations will include paintings and sculpture, new NFT projects and installations built on site, from a woven assemblage by Acaye Kerunen to a 2022 iteration of Mary Corse’s The Cold Room, first developed in the 1960s. In Paris, works by 20th century masters—including Jean Dubuffet and Lucio Fontana—will feature on Pace’s booth.


Frieze London

Regent’s Park
Oct 12 – 16
Booth C16

Pace’s booth at Frieze London will feature paintings, sculptures, and installations by a group of leading contemporary artists. The presentation will focus on works by artists who joined the gallery in 2022: Gideon Appah, Huong Dodinh, Virginia Jaramillo, Acaye Kerunen, Kylie Manning, and Mika Tajima. Highlights include otherworldly paintings, hovering between abstraction and figuration, by Appah and Manning. Alongside these paintings, evocative abstractions by Jaramillo, Dodinh, and Tajima speak to the gallery’s long and proud history as a champion of Minimalism. In Negative Entropy (Stripe International Inc., Legal Department, Light Gray, Quad) (2019), Tajima marries the language of abstraction with advanced technology to create what she calls an “acoustic portrait”, in which an audio recording is transposed into a Jacquard weaving.

Sculpture and installation will also figure prominently in Pace’s Frieze London booth. A large-scale, hand-woven installation made with natural fibers by Kerunen will be a centerpiece of Pace’s presentation. Dismantling the boundaries between fine art and craft, Kerunen’s work explores ideas related to power, gender, and labor. Kerunen, whose multidisciplinary practice spans installation, poetry, performance, and curation, is representing Uganda this year at the 59th Venice Biennale. Sculptures by Lynda Benglis, Yoshitomo Nara, and Joel Shapiro—reflecting diverse approaches to the medium—will also be exhibited.

Pace’s Frieze London booth will spotlight Tara Donovan’s first-ever NFT project, titled QWERTY and realized as part of a multifaceted partnership between Pace Verso, the gallery’s web3 hub, and the leading generative art platform Art Blocks. The gallery’s presentation at Frieze London will also nod to its upcoming programming in the English capital, where solo exhibitions dedicated to Nigel Cooke and Keith Coventry will take place at Pace in late 2022 and spring 2023, respectively. Works from Cooke’s Rubino series and new large-scale paintings by Coventry will be exhibited on Pace’s booth at the fair.

Charcoal and ink works by Robert Longo will also be on view in the gallery’s booth in advance of the artist’s exhibition at Pace’s LA gallery in November. Likewise, photographs by Richard Misrach will figure on the booth to coincide with the artist's exhibition at Pace’s Geneva gallery, opening October 15.

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Corse_The Cold Room Rendering

Frieze Masters

Regent’s Park
Oct 12 – 16
Spotlight | Booth S14

Pace is pleased to return to Frieze Masters, which coincides with Frieze London, for the first time in four years. The gallery’s presentation will take place in the Spotlight section, showcasing Mary Corse’s large-scale installation The Cold Room (1968/2022). First conceived in 1968 and realized nearly 50 years later in California, this installation brings Corse’s iconic work with light into three-dimensions, inviting visitors into a full-body, multisensorial experience. Frieze Masters 2022 will mark the installation’s European debut.

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Concetto spaziale, Attese by Lucio Fontana

Paris+ par Art Basel

Grand Palais Éphémère
Oct 19 – 23
Booth D16

Pace’s booth at the inaugural edition of Paris+ par Art Basel will bring together major contemporary works and historically significant pieces by key 20th century figures. Highlights include new paintings by Maysha Mohamedi and Matthew Day Jackson, both of whom joined Pace’s program this year. Mohamedi’s Grow Me Up in the Fire of Affliction (2022) is an evocative and enveloping large-scale painting featuring an earthy palette of terracotta, pinks, and sky-blue hues inspired by a vintage magazine ad for Air France. Paintings by Lee Ufan will also be presented on the booth, including a large-scale work from the artist’s Response series, which explores the dynamics among temporality, gesture, and space. In January 2022, Ufan’s work was the subject of a major exhibition titled Requiem at the Hôtel Vernon in the heart of Arles, France, where the artist opened a new museum dedicated to his work in April. Further contemporary offerings include new paintings by Adam Pendleton, Robert Longo, and Paulina Olowska.

Matter is Void, the first-ever NFT project by the interdisciplinary art collective teamLab, will also be on view in Pace’s booth at Paris+ par Art Basel. The unique NFTs in this series bear the words “Matter is Void,” a reference to the Japanese-Buddhist expression Shikisoku Zekuu, which meditates on the meanings of emptiness. To explore ideas of authorship and ownership, teamLab has adopted a radical format for Matter is Void that enables the NFT purchasers to change the words displayed in the work. In parallel to its debut in Paris, one of the NFTs will have its initial “Matter is Void” text modified into a new phrase as part of a major activation across large-scale screens in New York.

Alongside these contemporary and technologically engaged artworks, Pace’s presentation will also feature works by 20th century masters, including a significant 1980 painting by Jean Dubuffet and large-scale collages by Louise Nevelson, whose critically acclaimed exhibition Persistence recently closed at the Procuratie Vecchie in Venice, an Official Collateral Event of the 59th Venice Biennale. An exemplary 1959 painting by Lucio Fontana, who founded the Spatialism movement, embodies the artist’s radical reimagining of two- and three- dimensional space within the parameters of a canvas. Sculptures and paintings created by Kiki Kogelnik in the 1960s and early 1970s will be important components of Pace’s presentation. Artworks from this period of Kogelnik’s career speak to her shift towards direct engagement with representations of women. Major paintings by Richard Pousette-Dart, Antoni Tàpies, and Robert Ryman will also be shown on the booth.

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