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David Adjaye Adam Pendleton

Made on the occasion of the first ever two-person exhibition of internationally renowned American artist Adam Pendleton and Sir David Adjaye OBE, Ghanaian-British artist and world-leading architect, this new book explores language, identity, and monumentality in the intersections of their work.

Pendleton’s new body of paintings, Untitled (WE ARE NOT), is presented in visual and spatial dialogue with a set of sculptural works in marble by Adjaye. Along with rich images of the artworks, the processes of their making—quarrying, cutting, polishing, painting—are documented in a suite of black-and-white photographs. The artists share in a conversation about their collaboration, discussing form, space, history, and methods of abstraction.

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David Adjaye Adam Pendleton
Interview by David Adjaye and Adam Pendleton
Design by Alec Mapes-Frances
Clothbound Hardcover
228 pages
10.75 x 12.25"
100 b&w illustrations

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Adam Pendleton


David Adjaye Adam Pendleton
May 18 – Jun 30, 2021
Hong Kong

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We are fighting for the right to exist in and through abstraction.

Adam Pendleton

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Abstraction is, for me, the natural agent of form-making for the 21st century as we move evermore closer to each other and get more complicated and messy.

David Adjaye

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David Adjaye
Adam Pendleton

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