Yoshitomo Nara, NOTHING TO DO, 2019 © 2019 Yoshitomo Nara

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Yoshitomo Nara: Drawings, Last 31 Years

Château la Coste, Provence, France

Aug 20, 2019

From August 23 – November 22, 2019, Château La Coste in Provence, France, will present an exhibition of drawings by Yoshitomo Nara.

Nara's work is held by important public and private collections worldwide, including The Art Institute of Chicago; British Museum, London; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; and Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Aichi. 

In anticipation of the exhibition, Nara said: 

"In this show, I am going to survey the panoramic view of my past thirty years, from when I was a student up to the present, contemplating the relationship between drawing and myself, or how I have been getting along with it over time. There are pieces that capture my feelings and thoughts at a given time or momentary ideas I’ve had. Some are accumulations of drawings accompanied by words, and others are simply traces of my hand’s motion holding a pencil. These drawings are done with a pencil or a ball point pen that happened to be there in that moment, in varying techniques, as casually as breathing itself.

This is a little, no, quite a bit different from the modes of expressions you learn at art schools; it’s an artistic expression that is an extension of what I have been doing since childhood. Perhaps I wasn’t able to adequately express myself in words. But no, these drawings are filled with smug confidence that a drawing can better convey my feelings than any words can. This exhibition presents such drawings made in the span of thirty years."

For more information, please visit Château La Coste's (opens in a new window) website.

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