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Un effet du japonais

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Text by Alexander S. C. Rower, Susan Braeuer Dam, Marc Glimcher, Jane Hirshfield, Jean McGarry, Stephanie Goto, Akira Tatehata
Design by Tomo Makiura with Mine Suda Takamizawa and Alexis Liebes
184 pages
8.5 x 10.75 in.


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This new catalogue from Pace Publishing—available in English and Japanese—accompanies Calder: Un effet du japonais, a landmark exhibition of Alexander Calder’s work co-presented by Pace and Azabudai Hills Gallery in Tokyo.

Exploring the enduring resonance of the American modernist’s art with Japanese traditions and aesthetics, Calder: Un effet du japonais marks the first exhibition dedicated to Calder’s work to be mounted in Tokyo in nearly 35 years.Our publication features writings by Calder Foundation President Alexander S. C. Rower, who curated the exhibition in Tokyo; architect Stephanie Goto, a longtime Calder Foundation collaborator who has created a bespoke design for the show featuring elegant and modern references to Japanese architecture and materials.; Pace CEO Marc Glimcher; Susan Braeuer Dam, Director of Research and Publications at the Calder Foundation; poet and essayist Jane Hirshfield; author Jean McGarry; and Akira Tatehata, a distinguished poet and critic and the Director of the Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, in Japan.

  • Pace Publishing — Calder: Un effet du japonais, May 21, 2024