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Beatriz Milhazes, Moreno, 2005, acrylic on canvas, 299 cm x 299.5 cm, Coleção Airton Queiroz,Fortaleza, Photo courtesy Stephen White © Beatriz Milhazes

Museum Exhibitions

Beatriz Milhazes

Avenida Paulista

Itaú Cultural, São Paulo
Dec 12, 2020 – Feb 28, 2021

MASP, São Paulo
Dec 18, 2020 – Mar 23, 2021

The work of Beatriz Milhazes will be the focus of jointly-held solo exhibitions in São Paulo, Brazil, opening December 12 at Itaú Cultural and December 18 at São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP). Titled Avenida Paulista, the exhibition brings together nearly 170 works ranging from 1989 through to the present and is the largest exhibition of Milhazes' work to date. Curated by Ivo Mesquita, the exhibition at Itaú Cultural will feature prints, collages, and acrylics, while at MASP, curators Adriano Pedrosa and Amanda Carneiro present small and large scale paintings, offering visitors a panoramic view of Milhazes' artistic production.

“This exhibition offers a panoramic view of Beatriz’s work and allows the audience to see a great number of pieces produced by the artist at different stages, contrasting her painting, engraving, and collages” stated Ivo Mesquita. “Visitors will realize the singularity of the experience afforded by the artist, which lifts off from the moment, showing the audience how she thinks, works, and reinvents herself, as when trying to bring the effect of a print or collage into a painting”, he continued. “The collages, for example, are juxtapositions of engravings that would be officially similar, but that are actually five years apart in terms of production.

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  • Museum Exhibitions — Beatriz Milhazes: Avenida Paulista, Dec 7, 2020