Leo Villareal, Point Cloud (ASU), 2020, 12’ 10” x 3’ 3” x 1’ 1”, LEDs, custom software, electrical hardware, steel © Leo Villareal

Artist Projects

Leo Villareal

Point Cloud (ASU)

Arizona State University Art Museum, Nelson Fine Arts Center

Point Cloud (ASU) is a newly commissioned artwork by Leo Villareal designed specifically for the ASU Art Museum in the Nelson Fine Arts Center. During his visit to the ASU Art Museum, Villareal was inspired by the museum’s architecture, designed by Antoine Predock in 1987. Villareal used mobile 3D scan technology to map both the inside and outside of the building, creating over 200,000,000 data points. The artist then manipulated the data points with his own custom software to create this public artwork. This is the first time Villareal has used actual data sampled from a location as part of an artwork. 

Leo Villareal, Point Cloud (ASU) is part of the ASU Art Museum’s Halle Public Art Initiative and is generously supported by The Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation with additional funding by the Herberger Institute Dean’s Creativity Council and organized in collaboration with ASU's Roden Crater Initiative. It was produced as a collaboration between the ASU Art Museum and the Los Angeles County Art Museum (LACMA).

  • Artist Projects — ASU Art Museum Presents Leo Villareal's "Point Cloud (ASU)", Nov 19, 2020