Artifex Press Launches Tim Hawkinson Catalogue Raisonné

On Thursday, January 15, Artifex Press launched an online catalogue raisonné for Tim Hawkinson. This digital publication chronicles Hawkinson’s oeuvre dating back to 1986, plus a selection of student works—521 works in total. The catalogue includes complete exhibition and literature histories, over 1,500 high-resolution images, descriptions of key works by the artist and a video archive of selected kinetic sculptures. The catalogue will expand as the artist creates new work and as provenance research continues. To learn more, click (opens in a new window) here.

(opens in a new window) Artifex Press is a publishing and technology company for the art world. They have developed a proprietary, patented software platform and a dedicated publishing program in order to create digital catalogues raisonnés of leading artists.

  • News — Artifex Press Launches Tim Hawkinson Catalogue Raisonné, Jan 15, 2015