She the Lepidopterist Paulina Olowska

Paulina Olowska, She the Lepidopterist, 2022 © Paulina Olowska


The Art of Empowerment Announces Paulina Olowska Commission to Support Women in Ukraine

Published Friday, Mar 11, 2022

Launched four years ago by UN Women UK and Maria Baibakova, The Art of Empowerment supports women and girls worldwide through collaborations with artists. This special edition by Paulina Olowska raises funds for the organization's local team in Ukraine, who is working both with women inside the country and those in need who are leaving as refugees.

For International Women’s Day on March 8, 2022, The Art of Empowerment has commissioned Olowska to create a special edition in aid of its mission of supporting women involved in the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Proceeds from the sale of works will be matched and doubled when purchased from March 8 to 15 through (opens in a new window) UN Women UK.

An estimated 54% of people in need of assistance from the ongoing crisis in Ukraine are women, and women and girls are consistently disproportionately affected by conflict. More than 1.5 million people – two thirds women and children – have been displaced since the start of the conflict in 2014 and now suffer from a lack of access to healthcare, housing and employment. These numbers are increasing rapidly with another 2 million estimated to have fled the country in the past month.

Women and girls are a high-risk group, exposed to heightened risks to their human rights. An increased number of women and girls caught in the conflicts will experience violence, exploitation and a lack of access to basic services. Women with disabilites and chronic diseases, elderly and single-headed households (mostly women-led) will face disproportionately harsher and more extreme challenges. State authorities and civil society organisations have limited capacity to mitigate these immediate risks.

(opens in a new window) To learn more, visit UN Women UK.

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