Arne Glimcher on 60 Years of Pace Gallery

April 25, 2020

Dear Friends,

It was 60 years ago today when Milly and I opened the Pace Gallery on Newbury Street in Boston. 

It was a moment of uncertainty, challenge and hope. We all find ourselves in a similar position today, uncertain of the future, but hopeful that the power of art will give us comfort and solace and be a beacon lighting the way through this most difficult time. 

Meyer Schapiro once wrote, "art is the grace by which we live," and that has been true for us. Sharing the wonder of art by building a bridge between extraordinary talents and their positive effect on society has been Pace Gallery's primary mission. Supporting the careers of great artists, and the profound relationships that we have enjoyed as a result, has extended our perception of the world around us. 

"We have a choice," Agnes Martin told me. "Either embrace the positive beauty in life or succumb to its negative sorrows." I hope that is what the gallery has achieved. And under Marc's direction, it’s what we will continue to express in the future. 

Pace has always been an artist's gallery. We are most grateful to the artists who have shaped the gallery and defined its mission by their marvelous contributions. Thank you for six decades of love and support. Thank you to a devoted staff and an appreciative and curious audience of art lovers. 

At the realization that this pandemic was upon us, David Hockney wrote me and said, "they can't hold back the spring." I believe that our community will triumph and that art will guide us towards a future of unexpected wonders and possibilities. 

Thank you,


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