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Adrian Ghenie

The Hooligans

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Texts by Masha Tupitsyn, Apsara DiQuinzio
Design by Michael Dyer/Remake
80 pages
12 x 8 ½”

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Adrian Ghenie


Adrian Ghenie
Sep 2 – Oct 22, 2022

Published on the occasion of the artist's first solo show in Asia, this special edition of Adrian Ghenie: The Hooligans is Pace Publishing’s first Korean language title.

This edition pairs the original English language hardcover publication with a paperback booklet that contains new translations of the texts by Apsara DiQuinzio and Masha Tupitsyn in Korean, all housed in a handsome slipcase.

Heralding a new chapter in the imprint’s 60-year history as one of the foremost producers of art books and art historical texts, the Osulloc Tea House will see existing and future Pace Publishing titles translated into Korean, bringing original scholarship, boundary-pushing essays, illuminating interviews, and inspired design to new audiences.

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One way to think about the future of art, and the Self that dares to make it in the truest sense of the word, is a practice that allows us to come face to face with the shadow we still need.

Masha Tupitsyn

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Ghenie homes in on the revolutionary aspect of painting in The Hooligans, paying homage to pivotal artists who helped turn the history of painting on its head through acts of stylistic transgression.

Apsara DiQuinzio

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Adrian Ghenie

The Hooligans
  • Pace Publishing — Adrian Ghenie: The Hooligans (Korean/English Edition), Sep 1, 2022