East Hampton

Torkwase Dyson

Aug 5–Aug 16, 2020

We're thrilled to present Torkwase Dyson's debut exhibition with Pace at our new East Hampton gallery.


Torkwase Dyson
Aug 5 – 16, 2020


68 Park Place
East Hampton

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Torkwase Dyson

Torkwase Dyson describes herself as a painter working across multiple mediums to explore the continuity between ecology, infrastructure, and architecture. Examining environmental racism as well as the history and future of black spatial liberation strategies, Dyson’s abstract works grapple with the ways in which space is perceived and negotiated, particularly by black and brown bodies. In 2019, Dyson’s solo exhibition I Can Drink the Distance was on view at The Cooper Union, New York, and her work was also presented at the Sharjah Biennial.

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East Hampton — Torkwase Dyson, Aug 5–Aug 16, 2020