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Pace Live, New York

Song Dong

Smashing the Limit of the Mirror

Nov 2–Nov 9, 2019

We are thrilled to inaugurate our Pace Live program with a presentation of Song Dong's video installation, Smashing the Limit of the Mirror.

Exhibition Details

Song Dong
Smashing the Limit of the Mirror
Nov 2 – Nov 9, 2019


Pace Live
540 West 25th Street
Seventh Floor
New York



Above: Installation view, Song Dong, Smashing the Limit of the Mirror, 2003 © Song Dong

Since the 1990s, Beijing-based artist Song Dong has made performance works and multimedia installations that address notions of memory, impermanence, consumerism, and the urban environment. On the occasion of the artist’s first solo exhibition at Pace in London, we will inaugurate Pace Live with a week-long installation of his seminal Smashing the Limit of the Mirror (2003). Filmed on the banks of the Bosporus in Istanbul, the work sees the artist take a hammer to his own reflection as well as to the perceptual geographic line between East and West. A performance to and for the camera, this iconic work—first screened as part of the 2003 Istanbul Biennial—continues Song Dong’s engagement with the mirror as a real-time device for video editing and image fracture.

Pace Live

Smashing the Limit of the Mirror is the first work of the inaugural season of Pace Live, an ongoing program that supports the gallery’s broader mission of fostering experimentation in contemporary practices and across disciplines. Integrating the historical legacy of the avant-garde with the dynamic responsiveness of popular culture, Pace Live provides artists and other critical forces in the field the opportunity to connect with the public in new ways and is a platform for the exploration of new forms.

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Song Dong

Song Dong, a key figure in Chinese contemporary art, explores themes of memory, self-expression, impermanence, and the transience of human endeavors. His projects are often composed with quotidian objects and ephemera, proposing a destabilization of material hierarchies in relationship to personal and global themes.

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Pace Live, New York — Song Dong, Smashing the Limit of the Mirror, Nov 2–Nov 9, 2019