Nigel Cooke

The Reclusive Eon

Feb 18 – Feb 27, 2022
Palm Beach
Exhibition Details:

Nigel Cooke
The Reclusive Eon
Feb 18 – 27, 2022


The Royal Poinciana Plaza
340 Royal Poinciana Way
Suite M333
Palm Beach


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Above: Nigel Cooke, Vines, 2021 © Nigel Cooke

Pace is pleased to present a solo exhibition of works by Nigel Cooke at its Palm Beach gallery. The presentation will feature five works created in 2021, including three large-scale paintings and two large-scale works on paper from the artist’s Rubino series.

An online exhibition of four works on paper from the Rubino series, which serves as an extension of Cooke’s explorations of abstraction and the landscape of the human psyche, will complement the in-person show.

Titled Nigel Cooke: The Reclusive Eon, this presentation showcases works on canvas and paper that examine notions of time from art historical, geological, and personal perspectives. Informed by the natural world, the work of Spanish Baroque painter Diego Velázquez, evolution and biology, prehistory, and other subjects, the artworks in Pace’s exhibition depict elaborate layers of lines, forms, and colors.

“I thought about the colors of wine, of the chemistry of love, the layout of the heart. The fact that our most distant ancestors must have felt what we feel. Our passions contain eons,” the artist said in a statement about the exhibition.

For over 20 years, Cooke has created ambiguous, complex works on canvas and paper. Cooke draws inspiration for his evocative paintings from varied sources, with paleontology, neuroscience, classical mythology, and zoology among them. Blurring the line between abstraction and figuration, the artist’s work translates impressions of specific, international sites into an idiosyncratic and personal language of form, color, and calligraphic elements. Grappling with connections between the individual and multifarious histories and ecosystems of the world, Cooke’s paintings defy easy categorization.

Concurrent to Cooke’s exhibition in Palm Beach, Pace will present a recent work by the artist at Frieze Los Angeles.


About the Artist

Nigel Cooke is known for evocative works that merge figurative forms with abstract and elemental atmospherics. Since the late 1990s, Cooke has explored and stretched the boundaries of figurative painting, creating a highly diverse and distinctive body of work. More recently, his work has assessed this output, moving into a succinct language with which to investigate his wide range of interests.

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