Nathalie Du Pasquier

the strange order of things

Mar 8–May 25, 2019

the strange order of things features over thirty paintings, drawings, and ceramic objects, carefully arranged by the artist in order to investigate their relations to space, both individually and collectively.

Spanning over twenty years of Du Pasquier’s career, the exhibition explores the artist’s considerations of colour, form, and space.

Exhibition Details

Nathalie Du Pasquier
the strange order of things
Mar 8 – May 25, 2019


Itaewon-ro 262
Tues – Sat, 11 AM – 7 PM

Nathalie Du Pasquier’s career has blurred the boundaries between fine art and design. Amongst the founders of the Italian design collective Memphis, in 1987 Du Pasquier began her career as a painter, using everyday objects as models and later building wooden abstract constructions to be represented in her paintings. In recent years, her painting has evolved toward purely abstract forms. As with her early design work, these paintings continue to display an interest in the spatial relationships between objects.

In the strange order of things, Du Pasquier meticulously arranges paintings alongside ceramic and wooden objects and works on paper, producing novel interactions among artworks of different mediums. As the artist states, “for this exhibition, I’m interested in how things chosen from different moments in the last 20 years go together in a specific display, how they take a different meaning, how random things cohabitate in an unexpected way sometimes.” In this way, Du Pasquier transforms the gallery into an abstract and immersive environment. Her distribution of colour, form, and space creates a network of elements unified by a single aesthetic and a unique visual language.

“Nathalie’s work allows you to travel far without moving a muscle. Every painting she leaves behind provides a pathway leading into the realm of imagination. Nathalie’s imaginary is constantly enriched by new objects and signs. A work that sets its own limits in each instant, yet which at the same time is always ready to escape the framework of any rules, venturing into unknown territory.”—Luca Lo Pinto.

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Nathalie Du Pasquier

Nathalie Du Pasquier worked as a designer as part of the Memphis Group until 1987, producing patterns, textiles, decorated surfaces, and furniture. Since then, her main focus and passion has been painting. Over the past thirty-five years, Du Pasquier has been intrigued by the relationship between objects and the spaces in which they are installed. This ongoing investigation has manifested in paintings, sculptures, designs, patterns, constructions, carpets, books, and ceramics—constantly acting between the representational and non-representational, the tangible and intangible,reality and imagination, and two- and three-dimensional forms.

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Seoul — Nathalie Du Pasquier, the strange order of things, Mar 8–May 25, 2019