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Palm Beach

James Turrell

Nov 23–Dec 6, 2020

Inaugurating our Palm Beach gallery, this presentation is dedicated to two unique aperture wall installations by California-based artist James Turrell, whose work draws attention to the presence of light and its transformation of our perception of space.

Exhibition Details

James Turrell
Nov 23 – Dec 6, 2020

Above: James Turrell, MORS-SOMNUS (07), Medium Diamond Glass, 2017, L.E.D. light, etched glass and shallow space, 54" × 54" (137.2 cm × 137.2 cm) © James Turrell

The Royal Poinciana Plaza
340 Royal Poinciana Way
Suite M333
Palm Beach

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James Turrell will feature two unique aperture wall installations by the artist, which draw attention to the presence of light and its transformation of viewers’ perception of space. This is the first exhibition at the gallery’s location within The Royal Poinciana Plaza, which will be programmed through spring 2021. James Turrell will be on view during Palm Beach’s New Wave Art Wknd, a non-commercial event celebrating the flourishing contemporary art scene in South Florida.

The works in this presentation vary in scale, shape, and color, and exemplify Turrell’s ongoing investigation into the materiality of light and dedication to engaging viewers with the limits and wonder of human perception. Each work features a unique composition comprising a temporal element in which hundreds of vivid combinations of colors seep into each other as they slowly shift over time. Together, the works create an immersive and changing light-filled environment and a place for meditation, introspection, and awe.

Currently, Turrell is working on his magnum opus: the Roden Crater project. Located in the Painted Desert region of Northern Arizona, Roden Crater is a monumental artwork created within a volcanic cinder that represents the culmination of the artist’s lifelong research in the field of human visual and psychological perception.


James Turrell

James Turrell has dedicated his practice to what he has deemed perceptual art, investigating the materiality of light. Influenced by the notion of pure feeling in pictorial art, Turrell’s earliest work focused on the dialectic between constructing light and painting with light, building on the sensorial experience of space, color, and perception. These interactions became the foundation for Turrell’s oeuvre. Since his earliest Projection Pieces (1966–69), his exploration has expanded through various series, including Skyspaces (1974–), Ganzfelds (1976–), and perhaps most notably, his Roden Crater Project (1977–) near Flagstaff, Arizona.

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Palm Beach — James Turrell, Nov 23–Dec 6, 2020