Hai Bo

The Southern Series

May 31 – Jul 15, 2018
Palo Alto

Pace Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in California dedicated to Chinese artist Hai Bo.

Exhibition Details

Hai Bo
The Southern Series
May 31 – Jul 15, 2019


229 Hamilton Avenue
Palo Alto


Hai Bo, The Southern Series No. 36, 2015, black and white photograph, 161-7/16" × 43-5/16" (410.1 cm × 110 cm), Edition of 8 © Hai Bo

The exhibition will include a selection of works from the artist’s recent series, The Southern, a collection of photographs taken across Southern China.

“If ‘The Northern’ series represents a heavy reality and pessimistic emotions, then ‘The Southern’ series is more about fantasy and virtual mental states. Life and art are just dreams,” says Hai Bo.

The Southern Series No. 35 (2015) conveys both the ephemeral and the eternal—the effects of the passage of time and the endurance against it. And yet, the piece itself is timeless; it could be from a hundred years ago, or tomorrow. Its power is intensified by its scale (nearly five by ten feet), which allows you to enter into it, becoming a part of the work instead of just a spectator.

Speaking about the narrative power of Hai Bo’s work, Elizabeth Sullivan, President of Pace Palo Alto, says, “I think what is a wonderful touchstone of Hai Bo’s work is that it is very poetic. Each photo is almost a poem or a short story—you want to fall into that photo and you see so much more than what is really there, and we can all interpret it in our own way. It is really beautiful to have these experiences brought to the gallery.”

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Hai Bo

Hai Bo graduated from the Printmaking Department of the Fine Art Institute of Jilin in 1984. His artistic ideals involve the restoration of the past through photography. His work is less about what changes through time and more about what endures. Hai Bo has adopted many photographic formats, from panorama, serial, to the square, and often depicts people shown in various stages of life, the cyclical passage of time, and sweeping landscapes.

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