Brice Guilbert


Jul 21 – Sep 2, 2022
Palo Alto
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Brice Guilbert
Jul 21 – Sep 2, 2022


229 Hamilton Avenue
Palo Alto, CA


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Above: Brice Guilbert, Fournez, 2022 © Brice Guilbert

Pace is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by artist Brice Guilbert at its Palo Alto gallery

The exhibition will include four large-scale paintings and a selection of smaller works. The pieces in this presentation are all titled Fournez, named for the local pronunciation of the Piton de la Fournaise volcano on Réunion Island, where the artist was raised from age two to 14. For these works, which are part of a series the artist has been producing for the last six years, Guilbert uses variously colored oil sticks on wood to create layered, gestural marks, imbuing each semi-abstract rendering of the volcano with different moods and resonances.

The works in Guilbert’s upcoming exhibition with Pace were created specifically for the show. Dark paintings figure in the beginning of the exhibition, with the hues of the works on view becoming increasingly light later in the presentation. This enactment of darkness giving way to light reflects the artist’s past walks to the Piton de la Fournaise volcano, which were begun at night and concluded at daybreak.

Guilbert’s practice spans painting, drawing, and music, and the works in his solo exhibition with Pace in Palo Alto reflect his interest in recurring visual motifs that produce rhythmic, melodic effects. The artist’s practice is often engaged with his personal and lived experiences, with his Creole roots and childhood on Réunion Island among the inspirations for his paintings and musical compositions, which incorporate vocals and guitar. At the center of much of Guilbert’s work in abstraction is an ineffable, nostalgic quality that defies any fixed narrative.

“The volcano is part of an unconscious, a space I lived and grew up in,” Guilbert has said of his Fournez paintings, which figured in the 2021 group exhibition Silence at Pace’s gallery in Geneva. “The subject represented is an eruption, a projection, a sensation projected to the surface of every painting. Every work of art is the projection of an affect and of an idea.”

This exhibition marks the final presentation at Pace’s Palo Alto gallery as we will be consolidating our operations on the West Coast from our gallery in Los Angeles. Since opening our space in Palo Alto in 2016, Pace has staged meaningful programming from landmark experiential shows with teamLab and James Turrell to historical presentations of Louise Nevelson, Agnes Martin, and Pablo Picasso. The engagement of Palo Alto’s technology industry has had a huge and lasting impact on Pace Gallery at a global level.


Featured Works

Brice Guilbert, Fournez, 2022, oil stick on wood, 150 cm × 180 cm (59-1/16" × 70-7/8")
Brice Guilbert, Fournez, 2022, oil stick on wood, 150 cm × 180 cm (59-1/16" × 70-7/8")
Brice Guilbert, Fournez, 2022, oil stick on wood, 23 cm × 28 cm (9-1/16" × 11")
Brice Guilbert, Fournez, 2021, oil stick on wood, 23 cm × 28 cm (9-1/16" × 11")
Brice Guilbert, Fournez, 2022, oil stick on wood, 23 cm × 28 cm (9-1/16" × 11")

Installation Views

Brice Guilbert - Photo Serge Leblon.tif

Brice Guilbert, photo by Serge Leblon

About the Artist

Brice Guilbert is a French artist with Creole roots. His practice encompasses a variety of mediums, including drawing and music, in which he uses his native language of Creole to convey highly personal and intimate lyrics. Teetering on the edge of abstraction, Guilbert’s paintings are all created from memory as he attempts to capture his unique experience of the volcanic landscape of his home, using abstraction as a means of engaging with meditative, spiritual, and philosophical understandings of nature.