At the Edge of Things

Baer, Corse, Martin

Jun 7–Aug 9, 2019

At the Edge of Things explores the phenomenological possibilities of abstraction in the work of three artists over the past sixty years.

Focused on the artists’ deep engagement with notions of dimensional space and perception, the exhibition offers a new perspective on the tropes of hard-edge painting. The works of Jo Baer, Mary Corse and Agnes Martin combine form, line, and colour in surfaces with flat boundaries, each examining the idea of negative space as a repudiation of representation and subject, in favour of a purity of form. At the Edge of Things establishes an implicit conversation between these artists and their engagement with Minimalism, radicality, and the metaphysical in painting.

Exhibition Details

At the Edge of Things
Jo Baer
Mary Corse
Agnes Martin
Jun 7 – Aug 9, 2019


6 Burlington Gardens
Tues – Sat, 10 AM – 6 PM

London — At the Edge of Things, Baer, Corse, Martin, Jun 7–Aug 9, 2019