The Pace Staff Show

Jul 16 – Aug 20, 2021
New York

Atmospheres looks at Pace’s role as a center of gravity for its community and celebrates the many ways in which art resonates in the lives of those operating within its orbit.

Exhibition Details

Atmospheres: The Pace Staff Show
Jul 16 – Aug 20, 2021


510 West 25th Street
New York

Above: Installation view, Atmospheres: The Pace Staff Show, Jul 16 – Aug 20, 2021, Pace Gallery, New York

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This summer Pace Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition spotlighting artwork by the gallery’s staff from around the world. Just as atmospheres are bound together by a center of gravity, this exhibition—titled Atmospheres—looks at Pace’s role as a center of gravity for its community and celebrates the many ways in which art resonates in the lives of those operating within its orbit. Highlighting a diverse range of work produced by the gallery’s global staff, the exhibition presents a group portrait of the creativity and imagination that defines Pace.

Many members of Pace’s staff, whose professional lives are intrinsically linked to art, are also artists themselves. Atmospheres seeks to showcase the work of those who enable the gallery to run and thrive daily. Featuring over 50 works, the exhibition examines what it means to be an artist while working in the service of art, and the many ways in which art manifests itself beyond the gallery walls. The presentation reflects the innovative culture of the gallery while collectively and collaboratively celebrating togetherness and unity following a year marked by unprecedented challenges.

Continuing a tradition of Pace staff exhibitions, Atmospheres follows the previous group presentation in New York in 2019. Featuring work by colleagues from all global gallery locations—New York, Palo Alto, London, Geneva, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Seoul—the works on view span drawing, photography, painting, performance, sculpture, and digital art, showcasing a range of perspectives and the expansive imagination and creativity of the Pace community.

Artist Biographies

Scheduled Performance

July 29 – 30, 2021
3 – 4 PM

On occasion of Atmospheres, Echo He and the immersive dance theatre group How Forests Dream will present a selected part of a performance piece. Collaboratively by a group of creative people in New York, How Forests Dream hopes to bring the audience together into a healing journey through dreams represented by handmade vintage-style fascinators. Weaving together various media — dance, theatre, poetry, and textile art, How Forests Dream invites the audience to reflect on the daily patterns of our attachment and desire, and experience a glimpse of awakening in the midst of a dream.

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Jack Arbaugh

b. 1991 in Louisville, Kentucky
Lives and works in Ridgewood, Queens

Prior to relocating to New York in 2019 Jack Arbaugh lived in Boston for five years working as a Registrar at The Institute of Contemporary Art. Working in sound, video, sculpture, and collage, Arbaugh has exhibited and performed in Boston at Krakow Witkin Gallery, Distillery Gallery and Washington Street Art Center. Arbaugh’s practice stems from a habit of collecting and cataloguing discarded ephemera and archives of anonymous histories from presumably insignificant people or places. These materials are important objects for manipulation and recontextualization of time and history. In this way, he demonstrates that memory is malleable, and our shared histories are subconsciously altered as we age and grow, yet always remembered and reminisced, each having a slightly different understanding of what occurred.

Jack has been a freelance Art Handler at Pace since March 2020.

Matthew Ardell

b. 1995, Schenectady, New York
Lives and works in New York

Matthew Ardell is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in New York City. Influenced by reflections on materials, open space, and ephemerality, Ardell’s recent work captures the essence of the omni-present. He is influenced by the feeling of solitude achieved while observing atmospheric and fluid bodies and entities, like clouds or the sea. The material qualities of ink and thinned oil paint mimic the movement of vapor when dropped in water or solvent. Influenced by reflections on material, open space, and ephemerality, Ardell is interested in in the shifting states of matter taken by liquid and vapor, which evoke a sense of solitude in transience. His art is an attempt to articulate the seemingly inexpressible, both contrived and spontaneous.

Matthew joined Pace in 2018 and is currently the Gallery Coordinator.

William Beattie

Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

Will Beattie is a New York based sculptor. He has exhibited internationally in museums and galleries and completed several residency programs. Most recently, he received a fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center in 2019. Will’s works explore narratives and symbols that frame cultural and personal identity.

William has worked with Pace since 2019 as a fabricator.

Deja’ Belardo

b. 1994 in St. Croix, U.S Virgin Islands
Lives and works in New York

Deja Belardo studied Political Science at Loyola University, which influences the way they think about, experience, and make art. Belardo maintains an art practice based in Brooklyn, NY and their work has been exhibited in New York City, Princeton, New Jersey, New Orleans, Louisiana, Virginia, and St. Croix. Using acrylic paint for its vibrancy and collage as a metaphor for bringing people together, Belardo’s multi-media painting practice challenges perception and subjectivity using color theory and referencing their political science background. Working in figurative and abstract languages, challenge the way people connect, especially at cross sections of intersectional identity, using color to enhance dimensions of human emotion and awareness. By isolating select details, the control of color and form allows interpretation of complex ideas that is translated through painting.

Deja joined Pace as a Gallery Assistant in November 2020.

Meta Meta Meta LLC
Guy Ben-Ari (he/him) and Leah Wolff (she/her)

Lives and works in New York

Guy Ben-Ari is a visual artist based in NYC who received his MFA from Colombia University (2011), and BFA from Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem (2009). Solo exhibitions include Scaramouche (NYC), Vox Populi (Philadelphia), and Hamidrasha Gallery (Tel-Aviv).  Leah Wolf is a Brooklyn based artist who has been featured in exhibitions at The Jewish Museum, IPCNY, Lu Magnus, Fisher Landau Center for Arts, NADA Art Fair and SculptureCenter in New York City, as well as at Mirus Gallery in San Francisco. META META META LLC is a collaborative arts organization run by Leah Wolff and Guy Ben-Ari. Since 2009, they have been facilitating creative and discursive activities with the aim of supporting a diverse community of underrepresented artists through collaboration and community engagement.

Guy is an Imaging Director who has worked at Pace since 2018.

Michael Brown

b. Annapolis, Maryland
Lives and works in New York

Michael Brown was born in Annapolis, Maryland shortly before relocating to Stuttgart, Southwestern Germany with his family. Growing up, Michael split his time between Stuttgart and the Black Forest, moving to the mid-West for college. Michael moved to New York, NY upon graduation and has lived there since. Brown’s practice exists within the realm of landscape photography, photographing landscapes with the intent of exhibiting their complex living systems.

Michael works at Pace Gallery as a Preparator.

Daniel A Bruce

b. 1978 in Altona, New York
Lives and works in New York

Daniel Bruce studied at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, completing his BFA at the Rhode Island School of Design and MFA at the Tyler School of Art in 2008. With a wide exhibition history, he was an artist-in -residence at Sculpture Space Inc. in Utica, New York and spent two summers with Bread and Puppet Theater in Glover, Vermont. In 2014, Daniel mounted a solo exhibition at the South Street Seaport in Manhattan, where he explored the idiosyncrasies of folk beliefs and superstitions. Recently, he investigated commonalities between the typically marginalized spheres of folk art and gay culture in Homemade at the Leslie-Lohman Museum Project Space. His work operates inside various folk-art traditions and conventions, while employing modern methods and materials alongside handmade DIY techniques.

Daniel has worked as an art handler at Pace for a year and a half.

Nikeyu Callaway

b. New York, NY
Lives and works in New York

Nikeyu Callaway was born and raised in New York, New York, where she continues to live and work. She received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of Miami. Callaway has worked in a wide range of mediums and works out of New York City, East Hampton, and her garden and greenhouse.

Nikeyu joined the Pace Events team in June 2019.

Marcy Chevali

b. Cleveland, Ohio
Lives and works in Queens, New York

Marcy Chevali received her MFA from the Maine College of Art. Her work has been exhibited in Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum, Queens Museum of Art, AIR Gallery, Gallery Aferro, Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, and Aicon Gallery, in addition to organizations including Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, ABC No Rio, Project for an Empty Space, 4heads and Peculiar Works Projects. She was awarded an artist grant from the Queens Art Fund in 2015 and attended Farm Studio Residency in Rajasthan, India in 2019. Working in glass, pencil and graphite on paper, wire, thread, found objects, or hand-drawn lines, Marcy creates translucent, hesitant, and vulnerable forms. These vary from fragile and delicate to and secure and strong.

Marcy has been a freelance art handler at Pace for the past five years.

Chris Chow

b. 1998, Hong Kong

Lives and works in New York

Chris received an A.B. in History and Literature from Harvard University in 2020, where he was a member of the Harvard Advocate and Signet Society. Chow has exhibited work at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York, NY and the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts in Cambridge, MA. Chow’s drawing and photographic practice explores optical illusions and the aesthetics of symmetry, spirituality, and symbolism. Responding to the shifting nature of surfaces and the accelerating pace of image production, Chow is interested in compressing perceptions of time, space, and emotion within familiar physical and natural motifs. Chow creates small-scale ballpoint sketches that seek to evoke timeless emotional landscapes by bridging the disciplines and compositions of drawing and graphic design.

Chris joined Pace as a Gallery Assistant in December 2020.

Peter Clough

b. 1984, Boston, MA
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

Peter Clough received a BA from Grinnell College in 2006 and an MFA from NYU Steinhardt in 2009.Clough has presented work at MoMA PS1, The Invisible Dog Art Center, Printed Matter, haul gallery, Fresh Window Gallery, Microscope Gallery, Southfirst Gallery, Wayfarers Gallery, LeRoy Neiman Gallery, SPRING/BREAK Art Fair, the Center for Performance Research, among others. Clough’s work has been featured in the New York Times, Frieze, Hyperallergic, and Time Out magazine. Clough’s work addresses the queer body as a personal and political site of trauma, stigma, desire, and empowerment. In the contemporary political moment, he finds it urgent to circulate and prioritize images of queer bodies and desire as governments and corporations move increasingly to censor, stigmatize, and monetize non-conforming sexual and gendered identities.

Peter has worked with Pace as a videographer and photographer since 2018.

Mark Collop

b. Dallas, Texas
Lives and works in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York

Mark Collop was born in Dallas, Texas and now lives and works in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Collop’s work has been exhibited in numerous shows in Dallas, Texas, including Rooftop Invitational (2011), Hunters Welcome (2010), and Holy Saint Mary’s Biscuits Captain! (2009) at 500x Gallery; as well as Dog Fetch (2011) at Dallas Contemporary.

Collop joined Pace in 2015, where he coordinates the local New York City shipping and client installations through the Pace Gallery truck.

Joseph Coscia Jr.

b. Pennsylvania
Lives and works in Morrisville, Pennsylvania

Joseph Coscia Jr. grew up in the outskirts of Philadelphia and received a BFA from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in 1982 and an MFA from Hunter College in 1989. Joseph’s work as a museum photographer of over 30 years have been published in various publications and museum books. Recently, he has exhibited his work at the DiMattio Gallery of Monmouth University, Hixenbaugh Ancient Art, NY, as well as in various locations in Bucks County, PA. Drawing from his profession as a museum photographer and taking inspiration from his surrounding art objects and nature. Joseph is interested in classical forms and the way light interacts in changing conditions. The titles of his works are drawn from names of endangered marine life or vanishing ecosystems.

Joseph has worked as a freelance photographer at Pace since 2019.

Jennifer Coster

Lives and works in New York

Jennifer Coster is an interdisciplinary artist and organizer who lives on the unceded Land of the Lenape or Lenapehoking known as Brooklyn, NY. Jennifer received an MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2012. Coster is the recipient of a Robert Rauschenberg Grant (2014), Maryland State Arts Council Grant (2014), MICA’s LAB Grant (2012), and has been to OxBow’s residency program twice (2013, 2011).  In 2012, she founded the press Munu Editions. Coster works sculpturally on paper, with her most recent work exploring the coded language of relationships.

Jennifer joined Pace in September 2021 as an Exhibitions Manager.

Sadie Dame

b. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Lives in Brooklyn, New York

Sadie Dame grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Dame’s work focuses on the collective unconscious through aesthetics of layering images. Drawn to images of animal and people, Dame uses inspiration from photographs and illustrations to create narratives. Dame also works in charcoal, a material that allows her to experiment with messiness and contrast. She is interested in using art to communicate subconscious and authentic stories that only manifest when reflecting upon the finished piece.

Sadie has worked as Public Relations Associate at Pace for 5 years.

Ian Densford

b. 1983, Virginia
Lives and works in New York

Ian Densford completed the Animation Program receiving a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2006. He has worked as an animator, designer and storyboard artist in film and advertising, while moonlighting as a comic book illustrator. Densford works in analogue and digital practices and released his first published graphic novel, Trench Dogs, in 2018, published by the Naval Press Institute. The Trench Dogs, 2018 diptych are dual-paged spreads from Densford’s novel. In war, there are intimate pockets of exciting atmospheres, particularly with the development of aviation, rising evolution and modern industry, such as battleships and factories. These stories are entirely anti-war in spirit, aiming to show the horrors of front-line fighters and the disconnect to the colonized canon of war narratives.

Ian has been with Pace’s Imaging Department since March of 2019.

Phoebe d’Heurle

b. 1987, Atlanta, Georgia
Lives and works in New York

Phoebe d’Heurle was born in Atlanta, Georgia and currently lives and works in New York, New York. She holds a BFA from Hunter College and an MFA from Bard University. D’Heurle’s recent curatorial projects include the multidisciplinary exhibition” She Models for Her” at the Shed in New York, NY, a project that conceptually reframed the work of artist Suzanne Valadon. She has also exhibited in group shows at various venues, including Fahrenheit Madrid, Soloway, Wallach Art gallery at Columbia University, P exclamation, Situations NY, and Hercules Art space, CCA Kitakyushu, and Shanaynay Paris.

D’Heurle’s work troubles the boundaries between fixed genres and set authorship. She incorporates much of her photographic documentation work at Pace into her own artistic practice.

Phoebe has worked at Pace Gallery as a photographer for the past two years.

Benjamin Epstein

b. 1995, London, UK
Lives and works in New York

Benjamin Epstein was born in London and grew up in San Francisco. Considering the study and manipulation of light as a tool though which image-making is achieved, his recent pictures investigate light as a subject and employ light as a symbol for reflection. Untitled (Sun I), 2020 is part of a series of works in which Ben captures natural light through formal portraiture. Working primarily in photography, Ben’s artwork examines thought as a conscious practice; recognizing his limitations provokes Ben to reflect upon the processes through which he creates.

Ben has been at Pace Gallery in New York City since October 2019.

Corey Escoto

b. 1983 in Amarillo, Texas
Lives in Ridgewood, Queens, New York and works in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York

Corey Escoto works in Bushwick, Brooklyn as an interdisciplinary artist. Escoto has had solo exhibitions at Regina Rex, Corbett vs. Dempsey, Halsey McKay Gallery, the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis and the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a recipient of the Gateway Foundation Grant, a Kala Fellowship Award, and an alumnus of the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture. Escoto explores the emotional and physical consequences of the conditions of a fluctuating economy, precarity of health, and foundational and systemic imbalances. Escoto’s bronze appendages, charged with ritual and gesture, reflect the dichotomy of acknowledging these difficult truths and simultaneously attempting to console oneself and one’s body.

Corey works at Pace Gallery as a truck driver.

Carina Evangelista

b. Manila, Philippines
Lives and works in Oklahoma

Carina Evangelista has held curatorial and art publishing positions in both the Philippines and the United States and is currently the Director of Curatorial Affairs at Oklahoma Contemporary. Evangelista has been included in various group exhibitions in Manila, including the 2018 Manila biennale, Open City. In 2019, she had a solo exhibition, Las Flores del Mal, in MO Space, Manila. Drawing from her experiences growing up under a repressive dictatorship in Manila as a “Martial Law Baby,” Evangelista is inspired by the power of freedom in creative expression; she is convicted that the arts are not merely formalist celebrations. Evangelista’s recent photographic practice responds to her experiences of quarantine, in which she felt the “suffocating air of time” stand still throughout 2020.

Carina has worked with Pace in the Editorial Department at Artifex Press since 2011.

Peter Fikaris

Lives and works in New York

Peter Fikaris works at Pace Gallery as a Media Arts & Art Resources Associate.

Jocelyne Gilead

b. Lome, Togo
Lives and works in New York

Jocelyne Gilead was born in Lome, Togo, one of the smallest countries in Africa. She moved to Bristol, England to live with her grandmother during the 1990 riots in Togo and grew up in the Dominican Republic and Tanzania. Jocelyne studied Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts, and taught art to adults with developmental disabilities. Gilead has exhibited at different galleries and events, including Art Basel in Miami. Using themes of memory, dreams, and space and time, she explores questions about herself. Her work consists of black and white drawings created with graphite on paper that use her own photographs as reference. Gilead’s practice explores her heritage and identity as a mixed-race woman of color.

She started working at Pace Gallery as a Gallery Assistant in May 2021.

Arnold Glimcher

b. 1938, Boston, Massachusetts
Lives and works in New York

Arne Glimcher is an art dealer, film director, writer, horticulturalist. He received his BFA in Painting from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 1960. That same year, he married Mildred Cooper and founded The Pace Gallery on Newbury St in Boston. In 1961, he received his MFA from Boston University, whereupon he devoted himself fully to working on behalf of artists. In addition to his work at Pace Gallery over the course of six decades, he has directed and produced award-winning films, including Gorillas in the Mist (1988), The Mambo Kings (1992), Just Cause (2005), and Picasso and Braque Go to the Movies (2008). At present, his creative practice revolves around gardening, writing, and photography, often in collaboration with Milly and their grey Schnauzer, Max.

Arne works for Pace Gallery as Chairman.

Melissa Goodwin


Through the photographic lens, Melissa Goodwin explores the essence of place and of experience. She is drawn to texture, the shape of light and to how those elements combine to elicit feelings. Goodwin’s images convey an appreciation of being present, of experiencing the elements of nature and of structure in a tangible way. She enjoys sharing her joy and gratitude for these moments in life through the medium of photography.

Melissa works at Pace as a Digital Imaging Specialist.
@melissaclicks; @girlgottahike

Daniel Gratz

b. Berkeley, California; grew up in Valparaiso, Indiana
Lives and works in New York

Dan Gratz graduated from Indiana University with a BFA in painting in 2007 and the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana in 2013 with an MFA in studio art. With a studio in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Dan has exhibited in New York, including David Zwirner Gallery, Park Place Gallery, and Slag Gallery. Dan has written for the Brooklyn Rail and curated several exhibitions, and received the Pollock-Kasner Grant in 2020. The shapes and designs stem from his experiences with meditation, cold therapy, fasting, and other interventions through geometrical, symmetrical, and simple compositions where lines and forms often converge at a central point. Dan’s paintings explore the idea of “directness,” corresponding to his efforts to look within and celebrate the present moment.

Dan freelanced as an art handler at Pace Gallery before working full-time at the gallery since 2020.

Kris Graves

b. 1982, New York
Lives and works in New York

Kris Graves received his BFA in Visual Arts from S.U.N.Y Purchase College. His work has been exhibited in MOMA, National Portrait Gallery in London and Aperture Gallery and is in the permanent collection at the MET, Schomburg Center, Whitney Museum, Guggenheim, MFA Houston, Brooklyn Museum, among others. His “George Floyd Projection, Richmond, Virginia” was featured on the cover of the January 2021 issue of the National Geographic. Graves draws inspiration from his peers within fine art, film, and music. His practice responds to the wrongs that he finds in the American landscapes. His portraits and landscape photography deal with everyday life in the US, relating to struggle and sacrifice within the country.

He began working at Pace as an art photographer in 2019.

Michael Greathouse

b. Kansas City, Missouri
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

Michael Greathouse received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and his MFA from the University of New Orleans. Greathouse is the recipient of the Pollock Krasner Foundation grant in 2004, a residency at the Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation Space Program in 2009, and a fellowship from the New York Foundation of the Arts in 2011. Greathouse’s works place importance on the process of artistic creation, the paint, the surface, and the color involved in his artwork. In addition, he also highlights the alternate reality visible only through the final product. The title of his series “Night Visions” is a reference to the paintings’ color palette, drawing inspiration from the effects of night vision goggles and the inhabitants of dark forest worlds.

Since February 2012, Michael has worked at Pace Gallery as a temporary art handler.

Josue Guarionex

b. Puerto Rico

Lives and works in New York

Josue Guarionex is a self-taught sculptor who studied Civil Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico in Ponce (1991), and Photography at the Universidad de Sagrado Corazon (1996). Guarionex has participated in artists' residencies and in 2017, his permanent public art sculpture was commissioned by the MTA. His work has been exhibited at BAAD, El Museo de las Américas: IV Biennial of Photography in San Juan PR, Dominico-Americano Cultural Center, Palacio de Bellas Artes of Santo Domingo, Bronx Art Space, Bronx Museum of the Arts, Andrew Freedman Home, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center. As a second-generation woodworker, his treatment of wood seeks to highlight worldwide ecological problems that have resulted from the global abuse of the material, fusing concurrent political realities without abandoning artisanal labor.

Josue began working for Pace Gallery in 2019 as an Art Handler.

Marly Hammer

b. New Jersey
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

Hammer and art industry colleague, Lisa Wirth, co-own “Work in Progress,” a feminist curatorial practice and art advisory dedicated to disrupting the cultural status quo. Hammer started “Work in Progress” in 2018 to amplify women’s voices and art by helping underrepresented, female-identifying artists to “take up space” in an art market that otherwise excludes them. “Work in Progress” works to enable access, representation, equity, and inclusion within gallery and institutional spaces, as well as private and corporate art collections. Their work, “No More Lip Service” is a collaboration with artist Karen Mainenti which explores and engages conversations around masculine archetypes. Using reductive word play and technique, Mainenti transforms everyday objects into artworks to change how viewers perceive them.

Marly Hammer is the Global Exhibitions Director at Pace and has worked with Pace since 2018.

Cole Hansen

b. Fresno, California
Lives and works in New York

Cole Hansen received a BFA in photography from the California College of the Arts in 2012. Hansen launched “Ugly Rugly” in July 2017 with collaborator and partner Lauren Hansen, a fashion and design professional as an exploration into the production of wild and wacky home goods through unconventional textile methods. Based in Bushwick, NY, Ugly Rugly began as a result of both collaborators’ art practices as it combined Lauren’s colorful sewing with Cole’s tufting techniques. Inspired by Russian and Soviet avant-garde art, the Memphis movement, and Abstract Expressionism, Ugly Rugly innovates textile home goods and objects that embody a silly, irreverent, and cheerful spirit. Ugly Rugly’s goal is to “make soft objects for a hard world.”

Cole has worked with Pace for three years as a Viewing Coordinator.

Echo He

b. Chengdu, China
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

Echo He is a curator, writer and milliner who founded Fou Gallery, an alternative art space and creative community in Brooklyn in 2013. Echo is a milliner, and her studio Chapeau Echo focuses on creating dialogues and memories to connect people using hat making as the main medium. She has exhibited in Beijing (MIA Space, 2016; 808 Tea House, 2015), Chengdu (Anren Ancient Town, 2018; Mingbai Shenghuo, 2016) and New York (Pace Gallery Staff Exhibition, 2019; Up&Down, 2018). Her most recent project is a collaborative project - an immersive dance theater that brings the audience together into a healing journey in the dreams through hand-made vintage hats that represent dreams.

Echo has been working at Pace Gallery for 11 years and currently hold the position as Outreach and Programming Manager of Research and Archives Department.

Robert John Hodge

b. Farnham, Surrey, United Kingdom
Lives and works in London, UK

Robert John Hodge was born in Farnham, Surrey, United Kingdom and currently resides in London. Robert studied Painting and Printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, where he graduated in 2014. Sourcing photographs of Italian Renaissance sculpture from old catalogues and books, Hodge digitizes them to create photographic screen-printing. Hodge’s practice then involves stitching each pixel of his digital edits through hand embroidery, he is interested in recreating “high art” source material through a “low art” medium. For Hodge, the arguably superfluous and futile act of painstakingly returning the digital to the analogue creates artwork that defies traditional notions of media. Through this process, Hodge’s work responds to the rising ubiquity of images and screens.

Robert has worked at Pace Gallery London for six years and is now the Marketing and Archives Manager.

Justin Horne

Lives and works in New York

Justin Horne works at Pace Gallery as an Art Resources Manager.

Emma Ike

b. Yonkers, New York
Lives and works in New York

Emma Ike was born in Yonkers, New York, and received her undergraduate degree in Art History and Museum Professions from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Working primarily in drawing and painting, Emma draws inspiration from ordinary things in her atmosphere and environment, such as deli flowers. Her drawing, 69th Street and 2nd Avenue, explores community spaces and renewal, as symbolized by cherry blossoms.

Emma started at Pace Gallery in October 2020 as a Gallery Assistant and currently serves as a Research and Archives Associate.

Terrance James Jr.

b. 1989, New Brunswick, New Jersey
Lives and works in New York

Terrance James Jr. is an interdisciplinary artist and photographer born in New Brunswick, NJ in 1989.  He received a BA from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in 2011 and an MFA from Parsons in 2013. He also attended The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2017. Terrence has exhibited nationally and internationally and participated in art festivals and fairs such as at the Pingyao International Photography Festival in Pingyao, China; the Auckland Photo Festival, in Auckland, New Zealand; and at SCOPE Art Miami, Miami Beach, FL. Terrence’s work utilizes photography and sculpture to explore bioengineering and human possibility through the lens of figuration. Terrence focuses on themes of disembodiment, transformation, and myth as it relates to biological intervention and genetic modification.

Terrence started working as the Digital Imaging Coordinator at Pace Gallery in 2019.

Natalja Kent

b. Lubbock, Texas
Lives and works in Los Angeles, California

Natalja Kent has participated in collaborative feminist and social practice groups such as Mapping Feminist LA/Feminist Center for Creative Work, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, The Dirt Palace, and The Good Show. In addition, she has shown work and performed at Tate Liverpool, Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard University, MoMA PS1, and Hiromi Yoshi Gallery. Grounded in research and studio experimentation, Kent’s practice investigates embodiment, movement, and materiality through photography. Her work, Movement Artifact, is an ongoing visitation to a meditation and movement practice. This includes going into a trance-like state of body movement, singing, breath work and meditation, and fostering a self-aligned atmosphere in which the work is generative from non-cognitive channels.

Natalja has worked at Pace for the past two years as a freelance and contract art photographer.

Kyle Knodell

b. 1984, Indianapolis, Indiana,

Lives and works in Queens, New York.

Knodell has exhibited his work domestically and internationally, most notably “Pictures of Pictures” at Public Surface in Stockholm, Sweden; “Days” at Brennan & Griffin Gallery in New York, New York; and “Secession Secession” at Fitzroy Gallery in New York, New York. Knodell’s photographic work specializes in interiors, architecture, and portraits.

Kyle has worked as a freelance photographer at Pace Gallery since 2019.

Franky Kong

b. Hong Kong, China
Lives and works in New York

Franky Kong grew up in the Bronx, New York, and graduated from Cornell University. An artist and arts professional living and working in New York City, Kong has exhibited nationally including P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Art in General, Lance Fung Gallery and Emily Harvey Gallery, Parsons School of Design in New York, and Center for Contemporary Arts, Linda Durham Contemporary Art, Evo Gallery, Shack Obscura Project Space, Van der Griff Marr Gallery and Phil Space in New Mexico. Kong makes drawings, paintings, collages, and small-scale sculptures made from both traditional fine art and quotidian materials. Kong is currently working on drawings and paintings defined by breathing, counting, and the passage of time.

Kong has worked at Pace Gallery as an Art Handler intermittently since 2015 and is currently an Exhibitions Manager.

Amanda Kopp

b. Port Jefferson, New York
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Amanda Kopp received a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, with a focus on painting and installation. Kopp studied under artists Lynda Benglis, Jack Whitten, Andrea Belag and Leigh Behnke. Over the past decade, Kopp’s work been focused on her series entitled Content & Controlled. She creates these process-based works on the floor where she applies paint from manifold angles with fluctuating pressures using a roller tool and describes her technique as a subconscious compulsion and release. As Kopp gets lost in this organic, yet structured ritual, she invites the viewers to join this meditative environment and get lost in her generative geometry.

Amanda joined the sales team at Pace in December 2019.

Tom Kotik

b. Prague, Czech Republic
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

Tom Kotik was born in Prague, emigrating to the United States when he was young, where he grew up in Buffalo and later, Brooklyn, New York. Notable solo exhibitions of Tom’s include shows at Gallery SPZ in Prague (2018), Lesley Heller Workspace (2011 & 2015) and The Juan Miro Foundation in Barcelona (2010). Tom has also been an artist in residence at Yaddo and the AIM program at the Bronx Museum. Kotik’s artistic practice is largely inspired by his connection to music, playing in various rock and jazz ensembles throughout New York City. Kotik seeks to give visceral form to music, which he considers an “ethereal phenomenon.” His visual works focus on the structure of music and its formation from different rhythms and tones.

Tom began working as an art handler within the exhibitions department at Pace Gallery in January 2020.


A collaboration between Andrea Kutsenkow (she/her) and Michael Palmer (he/him)
Andrea Kutsenkow b. Western Pennsylvania
Lives and works in New York

Andrea Kutsenkow met multimedia specialist and crypto artist Mich at Penn State University in 2010. Kutsenkow collaborates with Mich on OneBigZoo, an NFT series of digitally rendered animal characters such as “Mana-tease” that lives on the Ethereum Blockchain and can be viewed on As NFT artists, Kutsenkow and Mich are interested in the decentralized and independent proof that digital ownership allows, as it enables worldwide distribution of digital artwork. While their works currently exist on the Ethereum Blockchain, they will soon release updates on the Matic network, a sidechain of Ethereum, in order to reduce energy demand while still participating in the vibrant and growing creative community built with Ethereum NFTs. They will donate 15% of their proceeds to

Andrea has worked as an Archivist at Pace Gallery since December 2018.

Maya Labat

Lives and works in New York

Maya works at Pace as an Art Resources Manager.

Christine Lee

b. Daejeon, South Korea
Lives and works in New York

Christine Lee was born in Daejeon, South Korea and grew up in Philadelphia. She has been working with thread on paper since childhood, but this is the first time exhibiting a work in this medium to a show.

For the last six years, Christine has worked as the Director of Research on the Lee Ufan Catalogue Raisonné with Artifex Press.

Joyce Lee

b. Long Island, New York
Lives and works in Hong Kong

Joyce Lee was born in Long Island, New York and raised in Silicon Valley, California. She studied Art History and East Asian Studies at Stanford University and began self-studying painting in 1996 after observing Zao Wou-Ki's retrospective exhibition at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. Lee has held exhibitions in galleries located in Hong Kong and Northern California, and has received commissions from individuals, institutions, and corporations throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States. Lee’s works focus on subjects drawn from nature, her travels throughout China, and Chinese imperial art.  She creates vivid impressionistic paintings through immediate brushwork, as well as videos, websites, and self-published books that collectively share messages of peace and harmony while celebrating the spirit and unity of shared humanity.

Joyce has worked at Pace Gallery in Hong Kong since October 2018.

Rich Lee

b. Los Angeles, California
Lives and works in New York

Rich Lee was born in Los Angeles and has lived and worked in New York, NY as a photographer since 1988. Rich studied at the Art Center College of Design. Lee’s practice creates inner narratives of a dialogue by juxtaposing metaphor and cliché to illustrate the inner questions he faces on a day-to-day basis. Lee is interested in the story-telling aspect that is inherent to photography and uses the medium to not only document his surroundings, but also explore the meaning of imagery. Responding to the transitions the world is undergoing, he seeks to represent the search for a new equilibrium and to give pause and thought to the spaces hidden beyond the image

Lee currently works at Pace Gallery as a contractor in the Imaging Department.

Frank Lentini

b. 1969, in Brooklyn, New York
Lives and works in Palm Beach, Florida

Frank Lentini received an MFA from Pratt Institute and has maintained a studio in Brooklyn since 1995, recently relocating to West Palm Beach, Florida. Lentini has contributed to numerous group exhibitions and residencies including: the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Allegra LaViola Gallery in New York, Frank Lentini & Amanda C. Mathisat at NEESH Aquarius Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, Blackston Gallery and Fran Holstrom. In his work, marks build to fold into and out of each other, simultaneously hiding information and revealing their own truths. Lentini uses his artwork as a vehicle to express the beauty and violence he witnesses in his surroundings, but also to catalog the intensity of experience in everyday life.

Frank has been with Pace since 1997 in Art Fairs and Exhibition management.

Hansi Liao

b. Wuhan, China
Lives and works in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, New York

In 2011, Hansi Liao moved to the United States to pursue a psychology degree and a graduate degree in visual arts administration. Hansi primarily works in photography, driven by psychogeography and inspired by mundane moments within New York’s cityscapes. She often takes pictures of metropolitan street scenes during her walks, especially moments with strong architectural elements and light, eerie window displays and miscellaneous objects that hold forgotten memories. Liao was intrigued in the way this framework, once surrounded by bodies, had created a sense of wonder and curiosity that are now replaced with quiet obsolescence. Hansi is interested in the surreal sense of beauty of transformation, recognizing the way urban environments morph, and how newfound atmospheres of solitude can be found.

Hansi joined Pace in 2017 as a Gallery Assistant and is now an Associate Director.

Dawn Light Blackman

b. Los Angeles, CA and grew up in Kansas City, Missouri
Lives and works between Brooklyn, New York and Los Angeles, California

Dawn has both curated and been included in exhibitions at Silvershed, Participant, Inc, Dependent Art Fair, Ruffin Gallery UVA, The Wassaic Project and Kijidome. Dawn’s practice of image-making is informed by the current ubiquity of images and its increasing acceleration. Her process seeks to find ways to “slow down,” such as painting on the photographs of everyday objects that she takes. She is interested in exposing new, unseen details through this process, which also allows her to articulate an intuitive representation of her vision.

Dawn has worked as a freelance photographer for Pace Gallery since 2014.

Hunter Longe

b. 1985 in California
Lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland

Hunter Longe received a BFA from the California College of the Arts, San Francisco, and an MFA from the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam. Longe’s work has appeared in numerous exhibitions. He will publish a book of his writing and drawings this year through Coda Press and is currently preparing for the Swiss Art Awards of 2021. He is moved by the fact that two-thirds of Earth’s mineral species have evolved after plants filled the atmosphere with oxygen and sees creativity as an innate process that permeates all materials. By appropriating stories, apparatuses and images from the sciences and conflating them with the esoteric and folkloric, Longe's works undo the distinctions between the living and the non-living and allude to an underlying sentience that far exceeds the human realm.

Hunter is a freelance preparator at Pace Gallery Geneva.

Doni Lucas

Lives and works in New York

In Doni Lucas’ work, he investigates the lack of connection the Black American has to their history of African symbols and patterns. Lucas uses modern patterns and forms to create an image that recalls African patterns. This series begins with referencing the pattern on the bottom of athletic shoes. The manipulated shoe print brings a strong, yet totally incorrect association with African symbols, marking them both equally important and meaningless at the same time.

Doni works as an Art Resources Director at Pace Gallery.

Justine Lugli

b. 1991, Ottawa, Canada
Lives and works in New York

Justine Lugli was born in Ottawa, Canada and lives and works in New York, New York. A violinist and visual artist, Lugli’s recent performances include My Heart Swims in the Blood at Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn; Wolf Island Responsibility Fest at Wolfe Island, Canada; and Nightshade, A Love Story, a radio opera on Montez Press Radio in New York. Lugli has also been included in the 2020 exhibition Remember when we were together at Cassandra Cassandra in Toronto, Canada. She is currently working on an upcoming performance for St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in NYC in 2022.

Lugli has been a Preparator at Pace since October 2020.

Antoneil Lyne

b. Jamaica
Lives and works in Mount Vernon, New York

Antoineil Lyne was born and raised in the country of Jamaica before relocating to New York City at the age of 14. He currently lives and works in Mount Vernon, New York. Lyne has exhibited his work at Rutgers University, Baruch College, City College, and Slideshow Gallery.Lyne’s work is inspired by his lived experiences as a multicultural American immigrant from the Caribbean. His art reflects his personal journey of self-discovery, particularly through the experience of building his own home, which has allowed him to develop new technical skills and interests.

Antoneil is a Preparator and Driver at Pace.

Robert Melzmuf

b. Middletown, Connecticut
Works in Brooklyn, New York

Robert Melzmuf was born in Middletown, Connecticut. He attended the Hartford Art School and Southern Connecticut State University and has worked at the New Britain Museum of American Art. Melzmuf has exhibited in various galleriers in New York City, as well as Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. He has also shown internationally in Provence, France, and his works are held in the permanent collection of the Coupleluzos Museum in Athens, Greece. In Melzmuf’s practice, he creates painterly color fields that evoke spaciousness and calmness through abstraction and light.

Robert has worked as an art handler for Pace Gallery for eleven years.

Chris Millstein

b. Florida
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

Chris Millstein’s work has been included in group shows at venues such as Silver Meteor Gallery (FL), Covivant Gallery (FL), Hyde Park Fine Arts (FL), Secret Project Robot (NY), Live with Animals (NY), and Rebus Works (NC). Better recognized as a musician, Millstein has played drums in numerous experimental, post-punk, dub, and psych bands, such as Psychic Ills, Home, Jah Division, and Crystal Stilts. Millstein’s paintings and drawings are informed by his experience as a musician with focus on rhythm, repetition, and improvisation. His approach to painting is spontaneous with rhythmic improvisation and reflects his experience as a drummer. Drawing from automatist theory, Millstein considers his paintings to be irrational creations that convey a fleeting representation of his inquisitive and transcendental thoughts.

Chris has worked at Pace Gallery as a Preparator for the past four years.

Adam Murray

b. 1980, Point Pleasant, New Jersey
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

Adam Murray was born in Point Pleasant, New Jersey in 1980. He received his BFA from Mason Gross School of Arts in 2013 and has been living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Murray’s work combines found objects with handcrafted elements, resulting in sculptures that are simultaneously playful and looming. In his practice, Murray mines raw materials from flea markets, outdoor streets, construction sites, and his childhood home in search of objects that carry their own history. By assembling the mixed histories within these objects, the artist introduces jokes, pain, criticism, and an aesthetic discourse on contemporary art.

Adam started working as a freelance art handler at Pace Gallery in 2013.

Jonathan Nesteruk

b. Kansas City, Missouri
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Jonathan Nesteruk has lived and worked in Brooklyn, New York since 2005. He currently lives between Brooklyn and Connecticut with his family. Nesteruk is interested in how humans contribute to a living build-up on our planet as a collective organism, or a sentient moss. He explores how we act as nodes in the “faceless hive mind” that is imperfectly connected by tech. Nesteruk makes work that connects human society to an infinite network loop tuned for growth.

He has worked as a freelance photographer at Pace Gallery since 2019.

Jason Nickel

b. 1971 in New York
Lives and works in New York

Jason Nickel grew up between Upstate New York and Pennsylvania and received a BFA from Columbus College of Art in 1994 and an MFA from Stony Brook University in 1997. His work as shown in non-profit and guerrilla spaces throughout NYC, Long Island, Upstate, and Chicago. In describing his art, Jason has said, “A painter, living and working in NYC - and when I grow up, that's what I want to be. A daydreamer, and as a rule - that troubled me in elementary school. My grades sub-par and not terrific - my attention span still neo-lithic. But that was many years ago - before I drank cigars and smoked Bordeaux. Now that's all I care to say about me - so examine my work, there's much more to look at.”

Jason started part-time at Pace in 2010, and in 2019 became full time as an Exhibition Coordinator.

Je t'aime Nkiru 

b. Bronx, New York
Lives and works in New York

Je t’aime Nkiru is a visual artist Bronx born and Harlem bred.  She currently resides in Brooklyn where she uses visual aid to unpack her interaction with the human experience, most recently and notably her transition from a “survive” to “thrive” lifestyle. Professionally, she has been working as an art handler for years at NYC museums and galleries including but not limited to MoMA PS1 and Pace Gallery. In 2019, she founded the very first Black-woman owned fine art services company, Black Art Services.

Julian Osti

b. Southhampton, New York
Lives and works in Ridgewood, New York

Julian Osti was born in Southhampton, New York, and currently lives in Ridgewood, NY. Previous exhibitions of Osti’s work include “Two Different Ways to do Two Different Things” at Kristin Lorello Gallery (2012); “A Haven” at Art Connects New York (2011); “Portrait of a Soul” at Nurture Art (2011); and “Space Was the Place” at Gallery 51, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (2010).  In addition, Osti has been involved in multiple sound performances at venues including Family Business and Nurture Art in New York City. Osti’s practice draws inspiration from language, architecture, and music, exemplary of his interest in the multiplicity of meaning available in language and symbols.

Julian has worked as a freelance art handler at Pace Gallery since 2018.

Jacob Ouillette

b. Maine
Lives and works in New York

Jacob Ouilette studied Painting at the Rhode Island School of Design. For two decades, he has maintained a studio practice in painting and sculpture in Long Island and San Francisco. Jacob is represented by Jim Kemper Fine Art in Chelsea, New York, and recently had a painting exhibition, “St. Dominica's Preview and Double Philosopher” at VSOP projects in Greenport, New York. Jacob has recently been interviewed on Long Island’s NPR station, WLIW FM 88.3. Ouillette reflects the atmosphere and character of his neighborhoods through color, many of his paintings bearing the name of the street where they were made. He sees abstract painting as a philosophical pursuit and creates established parameters of specific proportions, quantities, and patterns as his “Golden Mean.”

Jacob works as a freelance art handler at Pace in East Hampton.

Paul Paillet

b. 1986, Dijon, France
Lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland

Paul Paillet completed a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts in Belgium in Liege and a master's degree in Visual Arts at the Beaux-Arts in Dijon. Paul works on his ceramic practice at CERCCO and has exhibited at various institutions in Switzerland and France, including independent venues such as Lokal-Int, One Gee in Fog and Thundercage and institutional spaces such as Centre d’Edition, Contemporaine de Geneve, EAC de Porrentruy, Salle Crosnier. Paillet’s practice includes sculpture, painting, drawing, and sound and deconstructs the individual and collective myth of adolescence as an initiatory period. He is interested in phenomena and strategies of economy and politics, as well as the notions of soft and hard power within.

Paul joined Pace Gallery Geneva in September 2018 as a freelance art handler.

Ben Pederson

b. 1979, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Lives and works in New York

Ben Pederson received his B.A. in Studio Art from Aquinas College and his M.F.A. in Sculpture from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2007. Between 2013-2015, Pederson was the resident artist at Materials for the Arts in Queens, NY, a participant at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, and a resident at Yaddo, in Saratoga Springs, NY. He had his first solo show in New York at Ortega Y Gasset Projects in 2019, which was reviewed in the NY Times by Jillian Steinhauer. Pederson’s art practice is reminiscent of childhood memories; dreams, desires, joyful and horrible memories are the building blocks for the emanation of a sculpture, painting, or poem, and the existential substances that Pederson spends time with and navigates in order to apply meaning to life.

Ben works for Pace Gallery as an Inventory Manager.

Sarah Prickett

b. Boston, Massachusetts
Lives and works in New York

Sarah Prickett was born in Boston, MA and currently lives and works in New York, NY. In 2020, Prickett organized and curated an online exhibition titled Breaking The Static, featuring seventeen artists working during the Covid-19 pandemic. Her work was also featured in the exhibition CHAMP CHOW (2019) at Macy Gallery in New York. As a creator, Prickett is fascinated by materials and their transformation. Using various media including charcoal, soft sculpture, and installation, Prickett harnesses materials to evoke emotion and movement, or to blur form and space. Her work Camellia (Soft Rocker Melting), 2021, responds to rhythms disrupted by lockdown, and the opportunities for new growth as well as longing and loss in a "post-pandemic" world.

Sarah joined Pace in 2019 and is currently Global Exhibitions Coordinator.

Nancy Rattenbury

b. Michigan
Lives and works in New York

Nancy Rattenbury was born in Michigan and received her BFA in Graphics Design from the University of Dayton as well as an MS in Historic Preservation from Columbia University. Rattenbury enjoys the outdoors, photography, arts, and architecture. Inspired by objects and architecture, she examines them through a lens of patterns, texture, light, color, and forms. In her words, “Sometimes the simplest form turns out to be an extraordinary view – a sort of private personal vision.”

Nancy joined Pace Gallery in 2008 and is currently a Senior Registrar.

John Richey

b. San Diego, California
Lives and works in New York

John Richey holds degrees from the University of Arizona and the University of California, San Diego. Richey has attended artist residencies at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Alberta, Canada; the Bronx Museum of the Arts’ AIM Program; and the Studios at MASS MoCA in North Adams, MA. He has exhibited his artwork both domestically and abroad and was profiled in ARTForum International’s “Best of 2004.” Richey’s practice includes hand-painted animations, fine art prints, and sculptural installations using themes and images borrowed from various personal collections. Working back-and-forth between and with different combinations of hand-made and digitally fabricated materials, Richey’s work investigates physical or conceptual glitches within the spaces between human and digital realms.

John works as the Senior Registrar for Arne Glicher’s Office and has been with Pace for five years.

Ash Rivera

b. 1995, Manhattan, New York
Lives in Brooklyn, New York, works in Linden, New Jersey

A first generation American, with parents from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, Ash maintains an active artistic practice based in NYC, with a studio in the Brooklyn Army Terminal with Chashama. Created at Casa Lu, an artist residency in Mexico City, her new series is driven by the exploration of, and feelings invoked by color and texture. She is naturally drawn to the many elements that make up the natural human body sucxh as skin, nails, hair, down to the microscopic details. Small individual pieces came together in this series like magic, with Rivera like a sorceress. She constantly explores how everyday objects can be transformed and manipulated to become something alive and seemingly organic.

Ash joined Pace as a freelancer in July 2018 and is currently a full-time Art Handler / Preparator at Pace in Linden.

Hannah Root

b. New York, NY.
Lives and works in New York

Hannah Root was born in the East Village neighborhood of New York, NY and currently resides in West Village, New York. Root has been practicing analog photography for over a decade as a hobby. She documents images from travels with a 35mm color film point-and-shoot. Root will donate proceeds from her work, which are open editioned and will be printed on a request basis, to the Lower East Side Girls Club, an organization founded in 1996 “to address the historic lack of services available to girls and young women on the Lower East Side.”

Hannah started at Pace in 2014 as a gallery assistant before becoming a sales assistant and, as of February 2020, an Associate Director.

Garrett Smith

b. Mobile, Alabama
Lives and works in New York

Garrett Smith was born in Mobile, Alabama and grew up in Moody, Alabama. Working primarily in photography and music, Garrett draws inspiration from the contradictory beauty and misunderstood splendor of the South as well as “ugly musicians making ugly music.” Responding to the quarantine process that has made us “trapped in our atmosphere for our own good,” Garrett’s work questions the dual tension of sadness and hope of existing in public space during our contemporary moment. Through images of the mundane, he is interested in exploring the emotional nuances within casual encounters such as moments on public transportation.

Garrett joined Pace in October 2019 as the People Operations Manager and now holds the position of Senior Manager of Gallery Operations.

Tim Strazza

b. New Jersey
Lives and works in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York

Tim Strazza was born and raised in New Jersey, where he grew up painting outdoors on rooftops and trains. At 19 years old he began working at a frame shop and art gallery, where he used materials to create his first formal works. Tim would later attend school in Philadelphia. Strazza’s painting practice focuses on the relationship between materiality and an artist’s process. Inspired by the aggression of abstract expressionists and action painters, Strazza is most interested in understanding the decision-making process of an artist through the visuals of their work, done “sometimes with action, sometimes with patience.” His paintings seek to deliberately evoke action, angst, movement, as well as patience and stillness all at once.

Tim has worked at Pace for seven years in the Shipping Department and is now the Senior Shipping Manager.

Yoko Suetsugu

b. Fukushima, Japan
Lives and works in New York

Born in Japan, Yoko relocated to New York in 1998 to pursue her career as an artist and metal sculptor. Suetsugu has received several scholarships and grants for her work, including the Vytlacil Residency, The Suki Kurjian Memorial scholarship, and The Edward G. MacDowell Travel Grant. Since 2003, she has also exhibited her work throughout New York and Japan. Suegetsu’s practice reflects on her philosophy of art as a form of communication in silence. Drawing from her childhood growing up in the countryside of Japan, Suegetsu is inspired by the limitless and borderless signs from nature, such as how seasons change through colors, shapes, sounds, lights, shadows, scents, and even the force of the wind.

Yoko has worked at Pace since 2019 in the Installation Department.

Oriol Tarridas

b. Barcelona, Spain
Lives and works in Miami, Florida

Oriol Tarridas studied at the International Center of Photography in New York and has worked as a professional photographer in Advertising, Portraiture, Architecture, and Arts fields for over 20 years. He has worked as a free-lance photographer since 1990 for many important firms both in Europe and the US such as Porsche, AUDI, Discovery Channel, SONY, Conde Nast, and VISA to name a few. Works from Tarridas’ series Some America reflect on spontaneous human situations through supposed staged scenarios. Tarridas derives inspiration from his time spent in the United States and is interested in exploring the human ecosystems behind the general notion of “Americana.” In doing so, Tarridas aims to depict the United States as a country of delirious abundance and rampant contradictions.

Oriol has worked in art installation and reproduction photography teams at Pace for the one year.

Tyler Tschida

b. Washington, D.C.
Lives and works in New York

Tyler Tschida was born in Washington, D.C. and studied Fine Arts at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Inspired by photographers such as Roger Ballen, Ren Hang, Peter Hujar, and Diane Arbus, Tschida's photographic practices conjure eerie and unsettling atmospheres and envelop the viewer in an ominous nocturne. He seeks to create a noir realm by photographing ambiguous forms, sensuous silhouettes, and obscured environments.

Tyler began working as a Gallery Assistant at Pace in 2019.

Adriano Valeri

b. 1987, Milan, Italy
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

Adriano Valeri graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and represented by Galleria Marcolini in Forli, Italy. Notable solo exhibitions include his Claudonia Rapida (2017) at Galleria Marcolini in Forli, Italy; Hurricane Season at mhPROJECTnyc in New York, NY (2018); and Adriano Valeri (2019) at Altipiani, Bolzano, Italy. Valeri’s compositions and subjects reflect the globalized and rapidly homogenizing nature of the earth’s surface, spaces that are difficult or undesirable to access, or which have ceased to be profitable for an industrial or agricultural use. Valeri addresses these unassigned areas as laboratories of biodiversity, even as they collect the effluvia of human action, the mass-produced materials, and infrastructure necessary to support us and enable our activities.

Adriano has worked at Pace Gallery as Preparator since November 2019.

Jonathan Vidal

b. 1990, Hyeres, France
Lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland

Jonathan Vidal was born in a small coastal city in the South of France, and graduated with a Bachelors in Marseilles in 2015 and relocated to Geneva to complete a Masters in Visual Art at the HEAD in 2017. Vidal has exhibited in independent art spaces and local institutions throughout Geneva, Switzerland. In 2018, he joined a group of art workers who collectively founded G.A.R.A.G.E., a militant association that fights for artists’ wage and professional rights. Vidal’s work focuses on integrating elements from economic philosophy and technological progress with a cynical and critical position towards their entanglement with the neoliberal system. With a critical approach, Vidal proposes a comprehensive aesthetic of the relationship between these subjects

Since 2019, Jonathan has worked in the tech team at Pace in Geneva.

Paulo Wirz

b. 1990, Pindamonhangaba, Brazil
Lives and works in Switzerland

Paulo Wirz received a BA in photography at the Zurich School of Art ZHDK, and his MA in Contemporary Art Practices at the HEAD in Geneva. Wirz has presented his work at the ZQM, the Centre for Contemporary Art, the Residenza la Fornace, Kunsthalle FriArt, Helmhaus, Kunsthalle Palazzo, Archivio Conz, La Rada, Kunsthalle Basel, Palais de l'Athénée, among other institutions. He has residencies at the Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris and ProHelvetia Residency Program Exchange in Cairo in 2022. Wirz explores the symbolic relations between humans and man-made objects, as well as mortality and immortality. He is interested in the power to charge ordinary objects and shapes, such as the cross or a six-pointed star, with symbolic or sacred elements.

Paulo has worked in Pace in Geneva since its inauguration in 2018 as a tech and art handler.

John Yale

Lives and works in New York

John Yale has worked at Pace as an IT Solutions Analyst since 2015.