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弗雷德 威尔逊

Fred Wilson

About 弗雷德 威尔逊

弗雷德·威爾森(b. 1954,布朗克斯)曾與北美、加勒比地區、歐洲、中東以及亞洲地區的博物館和文化機構合作創作特定場地裝置藝術。他的作品鼓勵觀眾重新審視、思考社會與歷史的敘述,同時引發關於政治移除與排斥的批判性思索。從他在馬里蘭歷史學會舉辦的史無前例並廣受好評的展覽「挖掘博物館」開始, 弗雷德·威爾森比較並且重新定義現有的物件來進行新創造來改變這些物件本身的原有含義。 2003 年,威爾森代表美國參加第50 屆威尼斯雙年展,並舉辦個人展覽「弗雷德·威爾森:說起我自己」。他曾獲得眾多榮譽,其中包括約翰和凱薩琳麥克納瑟基金會天才獎金(1999)。


We are thrilled to announce our inaugural season of programming for our new flagship gallery in New York City, located at 540 West 25th Street. After almost six decades of history in Manhattan, we will cement its commitment to Chelsea with a new global headquarters in the heart of the neighborhood. Open to the public on September 14, 2019, we will present a series of exhibitions throughout the new building that highlight artists from across its program, including Alexander Calder, Loie Hollowe