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About Hong Hao

Hong Hao (b. 1965, Beijing, China) graduated from the Printmaking Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing in 1989. The artist currently lives and works in Beijing. Much of Hong Hao’s work features assembled scanned images of various found objects including maps, books, tickets, receipts, banknotes, food, and containers. In his 2009 solo exhibition “Hong Hao: Bottom" at Beijing Commune, the artist exhibited a series that features the bottom half of everyday objects. By arranging the scanned images according to their forms and colors, he destructs the functional property of the materials and reproduces an undifferentiated, flattened, deliberately superficial world of aesthetics. While Hong Hao continues to work with found objects, ”AS IT IS,” his recent solo exhibition at Beijing Commune, deals with the physical forms in a more straightforward manner, creating an interesting dialectic development of both the vocabulary and concept of his art.

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Press Release

  • Hong Hao

    Pace Hong Kong 15C Entertainment Building 30 Queens Road Central

    2017.09.08 – 10.09

    This September, Pace Hong Kong will present Hong Hao's latest solo exhibition. This is the artist's second solo exhibition at the gallery after “Reflection”, held in 2015. This exhibition will present the artist’s latest works from 2016 and 2017, which can be seen as an important thread marking the artist’s future developmental trajectory. The opening reception and preview will be open to the public on September 7 from 6:00–8:00pm.

    Hong Hao's artistic creations focus on the conflicts and resonance between the overarching order of the world and the everyday life of the individual, and engage in a graphical deconstruction of social systems in order to observe, establish and finally conceal the artist’s self-awareness. As an important figure in the development of Chinese contemporary art, Hong Hao's works have shown keen observation and artistic intuition since the 1990s. Whether it is the veiled satire of regional politics in such fabricated documents as his “New World Maps” or the direct provocation of the famous “Kassel invitation letter” incident, Hong Hao's art has eloquently laid bare the subtle psychology of the post-Cold War world and China's position in it. In the new 2016 series “Edged—World”, the map, that trademark element from Hong Hao’s early works, has once again returned to the artist's creative palette. This return inevitably evokes parallels to the serious challenges faced by globalization and regional unification in 2016, but the artist seems to have no intention of clearly referencing this. These new works continue along the path of increasingly pure aesthetic thinking stretching back to the 2013 series Reciprocating, removing and muting the essential nature of things to reference their “form”. What emerges between the substance and emptiness is the very self-awareness he strives to conceal. This extension of self-awareness forms a self-modulating symbiosis between Hong Hao's artworks and his perception of social systems—it is precisely through this ceaseless dismantlement and reconstruction of systems that Hong Hao has been able to maintain awareness and deep perception of the changes in the world over the decades.

    This exhibition will also present the latest works in the “Reflection” and “Everchanging Appearance” series. These two on-canvas painting series, hallmarks of the artist’s return to the "studio”, have been exhibited at Pace Hong Kong and Pace Palo Alto. The visual origins of these works can be traced back to Hong Hao's signature “My Things” series. For twelve years beginning in 2001, the artist made daily records of the traces of his life, indiscriminately collecting and scanning everyday objects to create a shockingly massive visual archive of consumerist culture's great invasion of Chinese society since the millennium. In the process of visual documentation, the original functional properties of the objects are replaced by their visual properties, so that they gradually devolve (or rise) to the level of basic geometric outlines that the artist has randomly drawn into the image to form parts of unique abstract paintings. In the latest installment of the Everchanging Appearance series, the artist has randomly stacked and overlapped the materials to cause the images to dissolve each other, causing the objects that were once still faintly recognizable in their “reflections” to completely disappear beneath the surface of the picture. From “My Things” and “Bottom” to “Reciprocating”, “Reflection”, and “Everchanging Appearance”, the artist has muted his own self-awareness to catalyze spontaneous growth in the artwork. This decade-long progression reveals Hong Hao’s restrained, transcendent and intellectual Eastern aesthetic.

    Hong Hao has frequently been featured in important domestic and international exhibitions since the 1990s. His works have been widely collected by important museums and institutions. This exhibition will be on view until October 19.

    For more information, please contact: +852-2608 5065 | hongkong@pacegallery.com

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