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Li Songsong opens at Pace Beijing

Li Songsong's second solo exhibition is on view at Pace Beijing through October 20.

The internationally acclaimed image-maker has taken forays into abstraction and alternative forms before, but with this work, Li Songsong literally inverts his signature impasto oil on aluminum medium turning the traditional structure inside out. However, instead of dismantling and reconstructing found imagery from historic and often politically charged photographs, the artist has chosen to depict nothing. There is a lack of iconography and an absence of figuration with which viewers must grapple to construct their own experiential meaning.

Li Songsong does not provide a readily accessible narrative, as the artist presents the possibility for viewers to discover dimension through other means. The passage of the audience through the exhibit can be seen as an experience of perceptual rebirth, perhaps for the viewers, perhaps for the artist himself. Li Songsong offers us no instructions or commentary, but rather invites us to face the challenge of deriving unique personal meaning from our journey through the exhibition.

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