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1/1 - Image courtesy of Los Angeles Times.

1/1 - Image courtesy of Los Angeles Times.

David Hockney is the United Kingdom's most generous philanthropist

Great Britain’s most munificent philanthropist of the moment is artist David Hockney, who landed at the top of the nation's annual Giving List by donating more than twice what he’s worth to his own art foundation. Hockney accomplished this miracle by donating art, not money, according to the Giving List, which is compiled by Britain’s Charities Aid Foundation in partnership with London’s Sunday Times newspaper. Hockney, worth an estimated $55.2 million, transferred paintings valued at $124.2 million to his David Hockney Foundation, and kicked in an additional $1.2 million in cash to help fund the foundation’s operations, according to a Sunday Times report this week. The rankings were based on donations made in 2010. Hockney plans to give away the paintings through the foundation, with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Tate in London reportedly high on his gift list. He was nowhere near Britain’s most generous donor in terms of the value of his contributions, but topped the Giving List because it’s based on the percentage of net worth given. Hockney's “giving index” score of 230 means he gave away 2.3 times what he’s worth. The runner-up, financier Christopher Cooper-Hahn, scored 80 by giving away 80% of his net worth -- $117 million of an estimated worth of $146.1 million.

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