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Rovner supports "Women Wage Peace" organization


Michal Rovner has created a signed, framed, limited-edition print in support of Women Wage Peace and their March of Hope.

The artist says, "I was moved to witness, especially during these times, a growing movement embracing women from different ends of the political map and diverse parts of society, who believe that beyond the existing gaps and controversies it is important to sustain a dialogue of honor and friendship, and that it is possible to find a way to live in peace one next to the other. This is also my belief and my longing."


About Women Wage Peace

Founded in the summer of 2014 during the Gaza War/Operation Protective Edge, Women Wage Peace is a grassroots movement with a core of 9,000 members and thousands more supporters worldwide.  These women - and men - come from every geographic region of Israel and from diverse communities holding diverse political views. Their mission is to restore hope and work towards a peaceful existence and lead to resolution of the conflict that is non-violent, respectable and agreeable to both sides – Israeli and Palestinian, within four years.

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