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1/1 - Image courtesy of Blouin Artinfo .

1/1 - Image courtesy of Blouin Artinfo .

The Pace Gallery Featured in 10 Best Booths at FIAC

The Pace Gallery stand, featuring works by Zhang Huan 1. THE PACE GALLERY (NEW YORK, LONDON, & BEIJING) Pace's booth finds a perfect equilibrium between the open and the closed, the light and the dark, the settled and the moving. Zhang Huan's heads are a mind-bending welcome, strewn across a mossy landscape and sending shadows onto the outer walls of the booth. Inside, Michal Rovner's projections of walking and jumping figures on stone slabs and bowls relay the continued wanderlust and questioning of civilization and culture. Loris Gréaud's rough sculptures and installations — from his heavyset projection setup to an expansive sculptural study and light bulbs that appear to be covered in oil — take the discussion deeper and onto a deeper and more somber plane. This is truly mercurial display of artists echoing each other in satisfying, intricate ways.

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