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1/1 - ©Hatje Cantz.

1/1 - ©Hatje Cantz.

“SONG DONG” book published by Hatje Cantz, the well-known German publisher

Song Dong’s solo exhibition is on view at the Groninger Museum in Netherlands. Meanwhile, the renowned German publisher, Hatje Cantz, will publish a 300-page book named “SONG DONG”. 

This is the first English monograph that retraces every theme Song Dong went through in his artworks. The readers are invited to discover the chronological evolution of a very intimate series of work, which covers political as well as personal issues, such as family, consumption, memory and spirituality. 

 From 1990 to now, his major series, such as ‘Eating the City’, ‘Touching My Father, ‘Migrant Workers’, ‘Waste Not’, ‘Writing Time With Water’, ‘Wisdom of the Poor’ and his collaborations with Yin Xiuzhen or as a member of an art collective Polit-Sheer-Form Office, are mentioned in details. 

The beautiful and rare photographs of more than 130 of Song Dong’s artworks are shown in the book, while videos, installations and performances from all around the world are harder to portray. The book includes some never before published texts written by the artist himself, and also reflections of some renowned curators.

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