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Yto Barrada: 5 film screenings at High Line, New York, and the 19th contemporary art festival, Sesc_VideoBrazil

Yto Barrada uses photography, prints, film, sculpture and installation to explore the identity of her home town, Tangier and the relationship between unchecked urban development, the botanical landscape, and the subtle forms of resistance that humans—and plants—attempt against the forces of monoculture.

The High Line is an elevated freight rail line turned public park in Manhattan, New York. Friends of the High Line commission public art projects and present a diverse collection of artworks including performance pieces, site-specific works and video programmes in order to promote a dialogue between neighbourhood and urban landscape. Yto Barrada’s film screenings at High Line will include A Guide to Trees for Govenors and Gardeners; Hand-Me-Downs; Beau Geste (Kind Gesture); La Contrebandière (The Smuggler); and Le Magicien (The Magician). The programme will run daily from 14 May to 8 July on West 14th Street, from 7pm.

Yto Barrada’s work will also be on display at the 19th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrazil, which brings together 57 artists from 25 countries, and will take over venues across São Paulo from October to December, 2015. The festival has become increasingly relevant in the global art scene, and the curation committee, comprised of Solange Farkas, Bernardo de Souza, Bitu Cassundé, and Júlia Rebouças , aim to “invent new forms of circulation and visibility” to give exposure to art produced in the global South (Farkas). The festival shows artists from Brazil to Ukraine exploring the core theme of "Southern Panoramas". The festival favours the conceptual and aesthetic qualities of artworks and features up-coming artists alongside those who are more established to reflect the diversity of contemporary art.

Yto Barrada has an upcoming exhibition, Faux Guide, at Pace London which will run between 26 June and August 8.

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