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Pace London presents Mario Merz

Pace London, in collaboration with the Fondazione Merz, is honoured to present a seminal exhibition of the Italian artist and Arte Povera master Mario Merz, from 26 September to 8 November 2014, at 6 Burlington Gardens.

Spanning the artist’s career, the exhibition will feature iconic sculptures, installations, large paintings and major works on paper. This retrospective marks the first London exhibition of the artist’s oeuvre in over twenty years.

Merz’s assimilation of energy, light and unclassified matter within the sphere of aesthetics, placed him in the movement that critic Germano Celant baptised Arte Povera. Arte Povera encouraged a step back from the principles of popular culture and industrialisation, favoured by other artists at the time, drawing attention instead to the natural world and objects familiar to day-to-day life.

The exhibition displayed on both floors of the gallery explores the central themes of his work such as time, existence, the infinite progression of numbers and spirals from which man’s relationship with nature can be understood.

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