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1/1 - Li Songsong at Pace London.

1/1 - Li Songsong at Pace London.

Li Songsong’s Inaugural US Solo Show at Pace Gallery

This spring, celebrated Chinese artist Li Songsong will be presenting his first solo show in the United States. From May 6 to August 5, his work will be on exhibit at the Pace Gallery’s space at 534 W. 25th St. Photographs are often considered irrefutable records of the past. When these records are altered, how does this then alter one’s perception of preceding events? This is a question that Li has been examining throughout his already highly acclaimed career. By applying impasto painting techniques, Li re-examines found images, particularly archival photographs, film stills, and illustrations. He applies thick layers of color in a variegate grid pattern to manipulate what components of the photograph attract the viewer’s attention. To quote Li, “It’s how the stories are told that attracts you, and that’s the art of it. Everyone knows the story. The important thing is the way you tell it.” Based in Beijing, Li was one of the first artists to establish a studio in the city’s 798 Arts District. This warehouse complex, a decommissioned factory, is now home to Beijing’s thriving art community. After receiving his BFA from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1996, Li has participated a number of international exhibits, including a solo show at the Pace Gallery, Beijing. The Pace is thrilled to welcome Li Songsong in his inaugural show in the United States.

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