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1/1 - James Siena Sequence One 2009-10.

1/1 - James Siena Sequence One 2009-10.

Goings on About Town: James Siena

Inventive drawings and paintings—accretive, masterful little grids and mazes—make for an upriver safari in an unpredictable mind. Siena is our Paul Klee, taking a line not on a walk but on adrenalin-drenched runs. The pictures range from crackling geometric abstractions and process-dictated designs to varieties of perfervid noodling and spasms of sex-obsessed grotesquerie. Siena’s line is as implacable as an animal’s hunger and as allergic to boredom as a sugared-up child. Let the show wear you out. Leave. Come back for more. Through April 30.

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