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1/1 - Judd, Untitled, 1969/ Art What .

1/1 - Judd, Untitled, 1969/ Art What .

Donald Judd, Simply Beautiful

An untitled 1989 piece made from Cor-ten steel by Donald Judd, and now in a lovely show of his works at Pace Gallery in New York. There’s such grace and refinement, and simple sensory pleasure, to be found in Judd that it’s hard to believe that when his art first came on the scene, even some of his fans felt it was a purely conceptual exercise, with few aesthetic rewards. Great art doesn’t appeal to our innate notions of beauty. It teaches us new ways of understanding what might count as beautiful. This might mean that over time, works lose as much charge as they gain, as their beauty becomes obvious and unearned.

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