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Ten More Must-See Art Shows

2. “50 Years at Pace” The Pace Gallery, Sept 17–Oct 23 (visit for exact locations and dates) This fall, there’s no better place to brush up on modern and contemporary art than the Pace Gallery, whose four locations will be hosting a retrospective of their five decades in business. If titans of art history are your thing, stop by the 57th Street incarnation to visit works from Pace’s legendary exhibitions of the past, from late Picasso to a clever pairing of Willem de Kooning’s and Jean Dubuffet’s portraits of women. For some 1950s and ’60s nostalgia, check out the 25th Street location, which hosts the heroes of Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism; don’t miss Jasper Johns’s Three Flags, whose record-breaking sale to the Whitney in 1980 helped to create the art market we know today. Pace’s 22nd Street spot is being transformed into a pomo mecca, featuring such art-world faves as Chuck Close and Sol LeWitt. Finally, there is the inauguration of the Pace’s second 25th Street location, which focuses on the gallery’s commitment to 21st-century innovation: The exhibition offers a guided audio tour of the city’s Pace Gallery–affiliated public art as a free iTunes download. Read more:
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