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1/1 - Image Courtesy of Comedy Central .

1/1 - Image Courtesy of Comedy Central .

In the Frame: Chuck Close on Colbert

We were surprised to see Stephen Colbert post an update on his Facebook page this afternoon announcing that veteran artist Chuck Close would be on his satirical talk show tonight, Thursday, to “discuss his life and work”. Presumably the appearance is inspired by Chuck’s current exhibition of prints at the Corcoran Gallery, but we are stumped to think what the pseudo-conservative character Colbert portrays could think to ask the famous painter, know for his photorealist and pixelated portraits. If anything, the appearance should help to educate some of Stephen’s less cultured viewers, as can be seen through the comments on Colbert’s profile. “Who the fuck is Chuck Close? What world is he renowened [sic] on? You're getting pretty lame on the guests Stephen, WTFU?” asks one fan, who is quickly mobbed by replies by more savvy followers gushing that Close is “brilliant” and “awesome”. One angry art lover even going so far as to say: “I wish Chuck Close could get up and give you a round house kick to the face.” TV entertainment not to be missed. UPDATED: A video clip of the interview is now online, Chuck and Stephen are both hilarious.

To watch the video online, click here

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