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Pace Launches Carsten Nicolai iPhone App

The Pace Gallery has released an iPhone app for its current show of new artwork by Carsten Nicolai. The app, which is available in Apple's iTunes Store, presents a virtual tour of Nicolai's exhibition moiré, on view at Pace's W. 25th Street location through June 25. "Carsten Nicolai: moiré" highlights the artist's continued exploration of patterns and grid systems, from the simplest to the most complex. The exhibition features several new works by the artist, including a laser installation, a screen, and three dynamic sculptures that reveal the artist's multifaceted interests in art, science, and music. These various works explore the phenomenon of moirés — visual interference patterns that are created when two or more layers of simple dot, line, or grid structures overlap, producing an additional pattern on top of the original layers. While moiré patterns tend to arise as an unwanted side-effect in printing processes, here Nicolai uses the visual effect to emphasize its potential on both a scientific and artistic level. This is Pace's third iPhone app, after earlier ones for exhibitions by Conrad Shawcross and Zhang Huan.

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