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The Pace Gallery Enters the Digital Fray with New iPhone Apps

NEW YORK— Keeping up with today’s art world can be a frustratingly tantalizing affair, compelling one to read about wonderful shows in far-flung places like Turin, Mexico City, and islands off the coast of Japan while being marooned at home. Helping assuage that problem somewhat, the Pace Gallery has unveiled two new iPhone apps, letting people explore Conrad Shawcross's current installation in Midtown Manhattan and Zhang Huan's massive sculpture at Art Basel's Art Unlimited section (debuting next week) from the comfort of their handy Apple product. Shawcross’ piece of machine art, The Nervous System (Inverted), is on view at the Sculpture Garden at 590 Madison Avenue, where it hangs from the ceiling, slowly weaving a series of threads into a multi-colored braid that drops at a glacial pace down to the floor 50 feet below. The app lets viewers look at the artist’s preparatory sketches for the piece and view videos of its complicated installation. Zhang’s app, meanwhile, provides background information and videos relating to his 5-ton, 16-foot-tall Hero No. 1 sculpture, which the artist has said “is born from the primitive passions that inform our future and expresses our wish for rebirth from deep within us.” The software also includes multimedia content about his massive new public artwork in San Francisco, Buddha, Three Heads Six Arms. The apps, which function much in the way that museum guides help visitors navigate the institutions' collections, come at a time when art spaces nationwide have been experimenting with new technology to entice viewers to enter more deeply into the appreciation of the art they're looking at. Pace's entries to the field are among the first portable versions to be issued by a gallery.
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