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亚历山大 考尔德

Alexander Calder

About 亚历山大 考尔德

亚历山大·考尔德(b. 1898, 美国宾夕法尼亚, d. 1976 美国纽约)是二十世纪最知名、影响力最大的雕塑家之一。他以发明动态雕塑闻名。考尔德的动态雕塑是一种将独立元素悬挂起来的动能装置,在不断变换的平衡与和谐中描绘每一个单独元素的运动。考尔德同时致力于利用螺栓钢进行户外大型雕塑创作。他的很多户外作品坐落在世界各处城市的公共广场上。佩斯画廊于1984 年起代理考尔德基金会。


We are thrilled to announce our inaugural season of programming for our new flagship gallery in New York City, located at 540 West 25th Street. After almost six decades of history in Manhattan, we will cement its commitment to Chelsea with a new global headquarters in the heart of the neighborhood. Open to the public on September 14, 2019, we will present a series of exhibitions throughout the new building that highlight artists from across its program, including Alexander Calder, Loie Hollowe