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罗伯特 曼戈尔德

Robert Mangold

Mangold, Robert Yellow Double Square / Loop, 2015. acrylic and black pencil on canvas, 48" × 96" (121.9 cm × 243.8 cm).

Mangold, Robert Yellow Double Square / Loop, 2015. acrylic and black pencil on canvas, 48" × 96" (121.9 cm × 243.8 cm).

About 罗伯特 曼戈尔德

羅伯特·曼戈爾德(生於1937年,北托納旺達,紐約)自從上世紀60年代中期開始他的職業生涯以來,將構圖形狀,線條和顏色的經典元素結合起來,創作出具有建築規模的抽像作品,採用巧妙調製的顏色在平面上以手工繪製或粗或細的石墨線。 繼1964年首次個展之後,曼戈爾德的作品以眾多個展和回顧展的形式呈現,包括紐約古根海姆博物館; 阿姆斯特丹市立博物館;阿克倫美術館;瑞士沙夫豪森當代先鋒美術館;奧伯林學院艾倫紀念藝術博物館;威斯巴登博物館;倫敦當代藝術陽傘基金會;以及布法羅的奧爾布賴特 – 諾克斯美術館。

Press Release

  • Robert Mangold

    Geneva—Pace Gallery is honored to present its first exhibition of Robert Mangold’s work in Geneva at Quai des Bergues, 15-17, from 7 May to 31 July 2019. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition in Switzerland in ten years and his fifteenth solo exhibition with Pace since 1992. On view will be paintings and works on paper spanning Mangold’s career and highlighting the artist’s mastery of abstraction.

    Since the beginning of his career in the mid-60s, Mangold has combined the classic elements of composition — shape, line and color — to create abstract works of varied scales. As Marla Prather writes about the artist’s early career, “Mangold had determined that abstract art was the most direct means of communication, a diverse medium capable of conveying emotion as effectively as art filled with identifiable subject matter, yet maintaining a powerful, tangible presence as an object.”

    Inspired by the works of quattrocento artists, specifically Piero della Francesca, Mangold has explored the possibilities of shapes and the relationships between drawing and painted surface, painting as object and the wall. His works, which feature complex hand-drawn compositions, at times consisting of multi-paneled shaped canvases, attain a sense of balance and embody the artists willingness to experiment as well as his dedication to abstract subject matter. As Prather goes on to write, “The manipulated shapes and drawn figures that have populated his paintings, drawings, and prints are as dependent upon intuition and experiment as they are upon rigorous, rational thought.”

    Presented alongside his canvases, the artist’s works on paper offer an additional insight into his process and the importance of drawing within his practice. Seen together these works give a comprehensive look at the unique territory within abstraction that Mangold occupies.