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威廉 蒙克

A Fool Through the Cloud

Monk, William A Fool Through the Cloud, 2018-19. oil on canvas, 240 cm × 240 cm × 5 cm (94-1/2" × 94-1/2" × 1-15/16").

Monk, William A Fool Through the Cloud, 2018-19. oil on canvas, 240 cm × 240 cm × 5 cm (94-1/2" × 94-1/2" × 1-15/16").

About 威廉 蒙克

威廉·蒙克(生於1977年,泰晤士河畔金斯敦,英國)的風景作品融入了豐富的繪畫傳統。 蒙克擅用鮮明的分割結構來描繪帶有神秘色彩並充滿活力的作品,並且經常隨著時間的推移逐漸擴展為不斷演變的系列。他的 畫作內帶有不規則的細節,線條,前景與背景,精心設計的重複感打破了既定的物像,創造出一種視覺咒語。 這種節奏貫穿於蒙克的作品,放棄了具象的邏輯,以產生某種更奇異更強大的力量。 這些畫作大氣而充滿生機,試圖與觀眾產生更直接的物理聯繫,在內心與外在體驗之間的空間內活躍。 蒙克於2000年在倫敦金斯頓大學獲得學士學位,並於2006年在阿姆斯特丹的De Ateliers藝術學院完成學業。蒙克於2005年獲得了荷蘭皇室現代繪畫獎,並於2009年獲得了哲爾伍德繪畫大獎。 他近期移居至紐約布魯克林生活與工作。 蒙克的作品曾於多家美術館與藝術機構展出,其中包括:弗里斯博物館,呂伐登(荷蘭);市立博物館,海牙(荷蘭); 梵高博物館,阿姆斯特丹(荷蘭);格林姆畫廊,阿姆斯特丹(荷蘭);詹姆斯·科漢畫廊,紐約(美國);柯恩畫廊,洛杉磯(美國);諾維奇藝術大學,諾維奇(英國);PSL,利茲和薩莫菲爾德畫廊,切爾滕納姆,倫敦(英國)。 他的作品亦可以在多家公共收藏中找到,包括市立博物館,海牙(荷蘭);阿克蘇諾貝爾中心,阿姆斯特丹(荷蘭);大衛·羅伯茲藝術基金會,倫敦(英國);弗里斯博物館,呂伐登(荷蘭);ING集團,阿姆斯特丹(荷蘭),以及許多私人收藏。

Press Release

  • A Fool Through the Cloud

    'The idea of painting as mantra interests me: paintings as objects, figurations as images and models used as vibrations to reach somewhere else, beyond ourselves.

    I don’t have a fixed method for how I make a painting other than to say it takes time to develop imagery when they are not direct transcripts of the real world but have been created slowly in my mind instead. My ideas take time to filter through my brain and onto the canvas where they collect more ideas and memories along the way. If I return to an image it’s because that process of filtration hasn’t yet ended. Also, the more I work the more I am aware of the difference between the model and the subject and the more those two separate. I think if I were another kind of artist, I'd say these paintings are about climate change, landscape, music, a moment from a film. It's not that I’m not interested in my models and what influences me, but I'm looking for something else under the surface.

    ‘Turn off your mind relax and float downstream’. That’s why I keep the images slow and repetitive. I'd never get to where I want if I always kept changing course. If I did not keep developing and pushing the images there would never be a falling away from the model to the true value of the work. Pushing something beyond where it’s logical, that’s where I want the paintings to go. A Fool Through the Cloud is part of my ongoing attempt to get through and beyond.'– William Monk, February 2019.

    London—Pace Gallery is delighted to present A Fool Through the Cloud, the first exhibition of works by William Monk at 6 Burlington Gardens. The enigmatic title of the exhibition offers a poetic play on words reflecting the multiple readings and interpretations of Monk’s complex mindscape paintings. Moving fluidly between ideas of reality and mirage, and figuration and abstraction, Monk’s reinvention of painting lies in the physical presence of his works as object and the viewer’s experience within the space between them.

    Comprising new large and small oil paintings, the exhibition is presented as an installation. Central to this, is a suite of paintings titled Sea of Cloud, a Yellow Submarine-imbued zoetrope-like room that features three paintings depicting a montage of what could be interpreted as a cloud forming and dissipating over a swelling sea. Rather than a triptych with a central panel, Monk intends this group of paintings to be read as a repeating montage that could be viewed on loop: a cinematic influence, but also a musical one.

    Each painting in the group is comprised of two adjoining panels, with the seam carefully placed at eye level so that the viewer will, as the artist says, ‘feel they’re in the water looking up to the sky, across to the horizon and below to the depths.’